The Sunny ‘Rainy Day’!!

This is an incident of a few years ago. I was going on my way to get admission in a college. It was a sunny day so I didn’t carry an umbrella. I reached the nearest Station and started walking towards the college as it was quite nearby. A quiet Road with trees on both sides and very few vehicles on a bright afternoon. very pleasant!

I was moving and saw two guys staring at a girl walking by. I somehow didn’t like it. And then suddenly it started raining and both of them ran away!

The girl opened up her umbrella and continued while I was getting wet, with Papers in my bag! So I ran up to her and said “Hi. I’m going towards the college at the end of the road. I do not have an umbrella. would you please share yours with me?”

I had never asked a girl and that too a stranger to share an umbrella. thankfully she said yes and shared it.She had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen!!

I somehow felt I know her from before and so I asked her “Have we met before? I really feel like I know you” And she replied No. I asked for her education and It wasn’t the common factor. Foolishly, I asked her name to check if we have any mutual friends and add her. she said she isn’t on facebook. I got some sense into me and for the rest of the path I walked quietly.

Before the college came, we arrived at her building. She said “This is my building. I’l have to go now” I thanked her for her help and then she walked away. It was raining a little while we reached but when she left It literally was sunshine! The rain literally just vanished!

For A moment there I stood there fascinated by what just happened and started smiling! What was this? I was grateful that I met this beautiful person and that she gave me this beautiful memory! I started walking towards the college, smiling!! ☺

Be Kind ! its Lovely.

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