The beginning is such a mystery! Just like in a dream, you can remember some fragments of it, but not how it began! Scientists call it the big bang theory, but I wonder how can something so vast get created like that! The vedas say that the universe is anaadhi i.e without a beginning and anant i.e without an end ! that this whole creation is in the mind of lord brahma! that we all came from and would again merge into OM! That heaven exists (read ‘PROOF OF HEAVEN’ to know more) . And I do not find that very hard to believe, for EVERY technology that exists today, was someday thought as impossible.

So Here I begin my journey to write for everyone to read. I invite you to this huge universe of thoughts, ideas, feelings, opinions, memories that I Contain within me and the wonderful experiences,learning, Wisdom and Wonder that I have experienced in life!

The ability to write in my opinion is the second best thing that a human being is capable of! Second only to Meditation,where one experiences that there is no two!

The first written script was the Rig Veda on dry leaves. and we have come a long way! Writing fascinates me! You can let anyone reading it give an idea as to what were you thinking and thus they get to take away a piece of you with them! and they may cherish it or not, you certainly would! for years after you would be sleeping on the comfy bed below the soil, you would still be in people’s heads and hearts through what you write! So write! Write with most honesty that the person reading it should become speechless for a moment. And Write with so much love that those who read should feel the love you do! We are here to live so that we can contribute to other’s lives and to make it more beautiful for as many as we can.

I believe what the world needs is lots and lots and LOTS of love! and who are YOU waiting for! ?

Look outside! People across the whole WORLD are WAITING FOR YOU to sweep them off their feet with your charm and warmth and LOVE !!

LOVE as if this is your last day on this rotating stone!

for surely,sooner or later,we shall go back where we came from,OM! . ☺