Your song!

I am sitting in my favourite park right now, and I sat on a a bench when I saw a girl and a guy who has a guitar sitting together. The 1st instinct is to see how good these people are and I wondered if they really want to practice, if they’re out here.

The adjacent seat was vacant so I occupied it and silently heard these people. The girl was singing a song called ‘love you zindagi’ and I am not fond of it at all, but her voice was a bit polished.

I asked them if they live nearby and do this often. The guy was from Mulund and the girl came from Kalyan and this was their 1st time! She shared with him how she loved one of her performances in Sikkim because the crowd apparently liked it and she loved the attention.

Then she was discussing what songs should she sing. This is too fast, too slow, old.

You don’t have the whole day! Not in this park! It closes in half an hour. She could’ve sung anything as she is only doing a practice jam for now.

Taught me a lesson.

Too much analysis is no good. She has a excellent voice, but no good if she doesn’t sing.

SING YOUR SONG!! That’s what matters.