Spices, Herbs and their Treatment

Aloe: Helps in constipation, if used with boiled water with in limited quantity; excess use can cause diarrhea and suffocation.
Basil: Increase the efficiency of digestive system with proper working. Patients usually use it after food. Easily cooked with food, soup, and curry. Taste of food is usually not changed.

Calendula: High power of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing function. Helps with infections of the upper digestive tract. Calendula can be treated as a tea. Milk is usually used as an additive ingredient.

Cardamom: Helps to improve digestive system. Diarrhea, pain, nausea loss of appetite and vomiting. Used both as food additive and tea additive.

Cayenne: Excites appetite, increases the power to fight with infections, intestine inflammation, and heals ulcer. Used as fruit juice, food additive and energy drink.

Camomile: Increase digestive power and gives ability to fight with nausea. Served as green tea several cups can be consumed throughout the day.

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