The Clock
Out of all the things mankind has created the thing there is this thing that stresses people out at times. For some it helps to plan things in advance and for the others like me it helps to bring out the ‘F’ word every time I look at it. It was glass and sand then, gears and arms now. You probably have one going all ticky-tocky right next to you. Not wasting any more of your time with the details because the clock just doesn’t stop ticking…

The Clock
I kept losing my sleep every day for the past week because of the cursed clock going haywire. It was a really old clock which dates back to the 50’s. No one around knew how to fix it as it was one of the old pendulum clocks. Just when I developed immunity to the tick-tocks is when it brought in the untimed ding-dongs. The treacherous noises woke me up and I decided to get used to it at least until everyone gets back home. I was home alone for another week.
I kept calming myself down every day when it woke me up until the day came when I had a fight with my girlfriend. Believe me when I say it was our first fight since the day we met and it was bad. The clock just added to my anger and I walked straight up to it and knocked it down! It was a minute later that I realised what I did. It was the only thing that was close to being called our family treasure. I didn’t know what to do and tried to fix it. It was all in vain, it was just shattered into pieces. I didn’t want to see it again the first thing in the morning cleaned up the mess I made.
She usually sends me a ‘Good morning’ text first thing in the morning but that day she didn’t. It just multiplied my misery. I didn’t want to stay home and decided to go out for a walk. I walked out and had my breakfast at a restaurant nearby and continued the walk. I walked through all the nearby places we usually hang-out and the walk finally took me to the school we both studied in. I looked at the little children playing on the ground through the gates and was reminded of how we used to play together back in kindergarten. She was the cutest even back then! I stood there and the watchman walked up to me and it was the same old man who has been there since I was a kid. We began talking and he was happy to see me. The talking went on for a few minutes when he said that he’d be right back in a few minutes. I waited there looking at the kids again. There were a bunch of boys walking up to a little girl. I didn’t know what was happening but smelt trouble right then. There was a fat boy who was probably the gang leader who went straight toward her and slapped her hard. He sure did slap her hard for their age. She ran away and they followed her. I decided to interfere and ran inside and pushed that fat kid away. I looked back at the little girl and she was crying. She looked at me and she seemed very familiar. I asked what her name was while she was trying hard to catch her breath. Another security walked in and asked me who I was and I had to explain all of it. He asked me to leave before someone saw me inside. I asked another skinny kid who was watching all this to take care of her and walked to the gate.

It was time for lunch and I walked to the restaurant which was near a clock tower. She loved that place for some reason. I stood right in front of it and got reminded of the previous night. That bloody clock made me lose my temper and all this happened! I looked at the clock tower as it struck one. The loud sound just superseded all the traffic noise. I had a second of blank thoughts and the next second I felt a hand pulling mine. It was her and she was yelling at me for being late. I had no idea of what was happening. We had a fight and she wasn’t talking to me the last time I checked. I double checked by pinching myself and it was all real! She pulled me into the restaurant and I was still clueless. We got ourselves a table and I asked her about the fight we had. She gave me a weird look and said, “The last time you and I were in a fight scene was more than a decade ago when those bunch of bullies hit me and you took care of me after that guy interfered.” I was in shock! She continued, “Now what? You want to fight with me?” “NO!” I replied. The waiter came to our table and I asked her to order as I had too much in my head. I just couldn’t believe that I looked at our very own self and helped my younger self to get along with her younger self! I was still in shock and we finished lunch and she wanted to leave soon. She promised to call at night and left. I wanted to know what was going on and knew it had something to do with the clock. I rushed back home and the first thing I heard was the clock striking three. I walked in and saw it hanging on the wall as if nothing ever happened! Well, at least I found how the clock had survived so long.
I broke it down and it did not do any harm in return. I guess only humans do that. Things have a habit of fixing themselves with time but that was the day I found time has its own way of fixing things. I promised myself that I would never fight with her again and went right to my bed to have a post-lunch sleep. Just as I was getting sleepy the clock decided to go haywire and woke me up with a loud noise!