Make Purpose Your Guiding Light!

There’s something about Diwali…………..

We cook so much more, we clean like never before,

We give ,we share, we sit together in prayer

New Clothes, yummy treats, crackers and games

Diyas, Candles, the soft glow of flames

This year my faith took me to new directions

Why not help a friend, a community — unbridled suggestions

Hurricanes, Fires, Riots and Shootings

Political Upheaval, Press mutings

How can I light up my home with so much dark out there

Change begins with small steps, don’t despair

Find new meaning in old traditions

Question everything and rewrite your mission

Let purpose be your guiding light

Open your heart to strangers -it’ll shine bright

Goodwill is contagious and so is a smile

Do your bit, go the extra mile

Celebrating another year with family and friends,

Happy Diwali to all. Hope the giving never ends………..

Ask yourself-What does Diwali mean to you?

This year we donated to in lieu of gifts. Somewhere someone is being helped……