“We are our multiplicities.”

Today, Junot Diaz spoke to my heart. These are some of the things he said.

  • “…the excruciating particularity” of one’s immigrant experience often gets caught up in “generics”
  • “…we play down our (immigrant) experience” for various reasons, including denial
  • “If we all fucking studied the Caribbean the way we studied US-produced bullshit, we’d have a very different view of what was possible in the world.”
Tweet by Karen
  • “If you’re a person of colour, you live in a civilization that says you are not to be loved … You’ve been trained that to love a white person is the apotheosis of your existence.”
  • “If you’re a woman of colour, you’re in a colonial contact zone.”
  • “The only revolution to this [white supremacist] system is when people of colour find self-love.”
Tweet by Karen
  • “Language does not transfer between generations as clearly and crisply as trauma does.”
  • “There’s a sea of dead people exactly your age who would kill for one of your minutes.” You may laugh, but he didn’t.
  • “We are our multiplicities.”
  • “You are not going to decolonize yourself unless you go through your privilege.”
Tweet by Nicole Zhu

Be compassionate. Learn compassion and practice it daily to others and to yourself.

(Also, Junot Diaz requested that the first three questions came from women 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽)

“Junot Diaz speaks straight to my heart.” Tears and ink on paper. Jan. 28, 2016 / Photo by Aditi Bhandari