40. The Weekend

Not the singer

Unsplash.com | Lee Key

I’m getting good at being single.

No, actually I’ve always good at being on my own. Even in the couple last years of my last relationship I pretty much, on my own.

The weekend, yes, about it.

I spent the last two days of weekend, which always are two days, mixing work and pleasure. Yesterday I went to a favorite cafe of mine, ordering lovely coffee and beautiful pastry while working on a task. They haven’t change much, but it’s what I love about the cafe. The simplicity of a small beautiful cafe. Plus, they have damn good internet. That’s why I dare to work there despite their pretty uncomfortable chairs to table height ratio. And, that internet allow me to update softwares and watch Youtube (Ehm, download movies).

Today, I did the same. Only at home. It’s not as fun but, I can’t have too much fun cause it’ll drain the bank. I watched like, three movies today. I’m not really a gamer so movies and books are pretty much it. Oh, shoot! I somehow forgot the adventure. Okay, that doesn’t sound good.

I’m playing Alone Again by Gilbert O’Sullivan on repeat. I love this song. First, as a former musician, the music is good. I love this kind of tune. When I like the music I never give a damn about the lyric. Second, the lyric just kinda fit, naturally.

Tomorrow’s Monday. Getting back to work. Let’s just hope I could at least be well tomorrow. Not sick, I mean. Oh, I’m having my first official business trip this Thursday. It should be fun! It’s thing I have to prepare that not really so. The work stuff. I haven’t really figure out what to do about it. Relax.

Being alone means nothing holding you back. It’s the loneliness that’s cutting you to little pieces.



I’m gonna have to learn to get back in the game.