41. Overtime

Getting used to it

Unsplash.com | Alexa Mazzarello

For the last three days, I’ve been the last person leaving the office.

I’m gonna have a business trip tomorrow for three days. There will be a research going. The last three days I was preparing for it. It’s serious stuff, and they let me prepare do things beyond my knowledge. I need more time to understand what we’re about to do. But the deadline ain’t getting any longer. So I have to stay longer to at work.

At first it was like, damn, it’s gonna be exhausting. But it wasn’t really that bad. At overtime there’s less people. It makes me think better.

Every blog-post there is telling me that overtime is not necessary. Saying yes to overtime means saying no to me time, exercise, etc. But for the beginning of my career, I think I need this.

My coworker told me that at the beginning he couldn’t go home at five. There’s a lot of job to do. Now I’m also getting t he feeling of that. When they hire me, my manager hopes that the workload will be easier for everyone. But infact, the task is also getting more and more demanding, the workload for my coworker is pretty much the same.

I think, I just haven’t find my rhythm yet. When I find it, I might not need this overtime, but still being productive and get all the work done. So perhaps for the beginning I need this overtime to find my rhythm. And once I found it,

I strive.