Indian Entrepreneur on Entrepreneurship

Yes, it’s perfect to such an extent that I’m shedding tears of joy. From trying to meet ends, worrying about employee salaries, hiring interns,going to meetups, socializing in hunt of clients and users,worried about legal issues, wasting months with investors, making excel sheets, bullshitting about ‘vision’ & what not. Phew!

Problem is that I am doing a startup, problem is that i am middle class person and still envisioning to change the world , problem is that I don’t want any problem in my life but this seems to be the biggest problem of my team, even they don’t give bullshit ; getting their timely salary and here I am surviving on only two plates of maggi for a day.

Google, Flipkart, Apple are all just motivating stories ; Bootstrapping means end to your own happiness and after all such things all you need to worry about happiness of your team, birthday of their girlfriends and anniversary of their parents ; seriously happy founder is a myth. Have a look on steve jobs, when apple hadn’t got the market , what people said “ he was a dropout , rejected conventionally and a doper “ and as soon as the Apple shines in the market , people started considering him as an icon.. All what I am saying is the results of hundreds of stories of yourstory , Bloody startup romantic masala- two founders met in a pub, dreamt of a million dollar company and next day company established ; end of story ; Nothing in-between it .

No one tells you the real story in-between , I will tell you the same ; first convince the employ , then interns and after that their parents and in the end if your mind boggles convince yourself “ why I was not born to some Bansal or Agarwal “ ; Not only the problem is with the funding , I have to deal with clients too — not taking follow up is a problem ; taking regular follow up- you are getting desperate ; result is that unpaid invoices of more than 5 years ; having revisions more than their features- UI/UX change , add new filter ,change the color of the button , changing the page layout.

Having thousands of VC card that even I can make a pillow of them , being on the business conclave , repeated faces ; I am getting bored ; for them I my following my passion ; busy with my client meeting ; no social life.

This is india where despite asking about me what is your product , what is the market , from where you will get the revenue , what are your competitors you are first asked why entrepreneurship ?

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