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One who is claiming 'REMAKE' is out of creativity, and straight film is creative art. Should learn many things, as they don't have any knowledge. Director who ever makes film with his own scripts..or who ever chooses remake story. It doesn't matter at the end of the result...It is 'A film by X director' to whom ever the story & script originally belongs too.

Even when Bollywood took our POKIRI, even should/will be called as 'A Puri Jaganath's film', but not the one who made it there. Vikramarkudu is 'A film by Rajamouli' even in Bollywood too. And Khaidi 150, is ofcourse 'A Film by Murugodoss'. But not VV vinayak's.

But our Indian cinema fans claims, 'making straight film is the greatness of our hero, and making Remake is out of creativity of our Anti hero'.

Creativity is the very big thing, which we need not to talk about it. From Trivikram, Puri to Rajamouli...even when ever they made straight films with your heroes, and what ever the movie you are feeling as trend setter of your heroes...also copied badly from 'Hollywood' by our directors. There is no creativity here. But only copying.

So, even if we believe for a while that Krish made every single shot and story is originally scripted. Still it's just a movie, and we can appreciate him only if his movie really impressed us or will criticise if the movie fails to impress us.

But nothing to take personal about Telugu Jathi, and movie belongs to our telugu history, so it is Telugu Pride and shit ! No other state audience will bow to your Telugu historical stories what ever you showed on big screen.

If the movie is really interesting & impressive... And someone remakes into other languages..their audience will surely welcomes and enjoys our film, if the screenplay & taking really makes them to sit in theatres interesting without any doesn't matter whether it is Pokiri okkadu or Telugu Jathi history.

And now, the same when our TFI heroes chooses remakes, if we really feels impressive & connected to the movie. That's it, whether the movie is a straight one or remake is out of context. If we really felt it as a classic or master piece...will just extend our compliments more to the one who written & directed originally before.

But nothing like 'REMAKE is degrading our Tollywood, or else a straight film makes us to feel proud'.