Is 'Freedom of Speech’ only for Anti-National speeches, but not for Common Indian’s simple opinions?

Ok coming to the point of freedom of expression, As Some girl expressed her view on Pakistan and War.

She expressed her view, Pakistan is not behind the death of her father, but war is.

Sehwag's satirical troll which every one knows, what his opinion is 'Pakistan is the direct reason for killings of soldiers'.

Sehwag didn't say she is bitch, Sehwag didn't say She doesn't have brain, Sehwag didn't say she is faking, Sehwag didn't argued that she is using his father's martyrdom for her personal fame.

But what all Sehwag expressed is...Just expressed his view which differs that Beautiful girl's view. Which is Sehwag's freedom of expression.

ANTI-NATIONALS slogans, Rohit Vemula's history where he participated in candlelight rally for terrorist. Rohit Vemula's crystal clean statements in Facebook which said, Abdul kalam is shit, Swami Vivekananda is shit, All Hindus should convert to other religions, and many more....

All the above comes under freedom of expression, but a crystal clean opinion which Virender Sehwag satirically expressed 'PAKISTAN IS THE REASON FOR WAR/KILLINGS' makes a Sanghi & Liberals starts spreading something to the world like 'See India is Killing us'

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