The struggle of Middle class cannot be explained neither in the words nor cannot understand through reading great stories from greatest writers.

Rather than experiencing on our own !

Rich Richer Richest, Poor Poorer Poorest ! But when it comes to middle class, there is only ‘ Hardest ‘ life !

Many middle class people face lot of struggles in their life which cannot be expressed / explained to some one who is not equal to your status .

Major problem of middle class children & Youth facing at present, is Education life & the life after higher studies. Mostly the period after schooling, which takes middle class students to nervous stage. As their parents cannot afford them to study in Corporate colleges as how non middle classes do. We can say, Success depends on knowledge but not about reputed colleges. It’s true, but the major problem in our educational system is..we need to pay 20lakhs even after getting All India 10th rank in IIT. This fu*king system in the country makes middles classes to feel life is more harder, compared to Non middle classes. As they can marry a girl even with out any Job and even they can get the same respect even without achieving 10th standard certificate.

The Reason is .. whole world knows !

Overcoming from these bunch of problems is not as easy as how we play Chess !

So, in my life experiences which I’ve learnt was, When we born as middle..we should lead life poor, and even parents should teach their children to stay away from Non middle classes, from childhood days. So they can get used to study in Government schools & colleges.

Aand…can achieve better success than our present position !

- Aditya

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