This is how I double the excitement of houseparties!

Your parents have already left the town for a week enjoying their vacation while you are left alone and thinking about throwing a houseparty. Before throwing a party at your place, make sure you have these following gadgets which are cool enough for doubling the excitement and fun.


This tiny cube has the ability to project your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer into a 120-inch screen display, but not anything bigger than that.

This has the potential to play the music of outstanding quality or you can even play a movie for watching it together with your friends and have some delicious foods.


Only music cannot elevate the mood of the party, music accompanied by flickering vibrant lights can actually spice up the fun of any party.

This smart-lamp synchronizes itself with the beat of the music you want to play with a light intensity of 500 lumens for millions of color combinations.

If this smart-lamp does not elevate the mood of the dance floor, then perhaps there is nothing which can totally intensify the fun and excitement of your party.


How crazily wonderful it would have been if you could capture the memory of your house party from above?

This drone of a camera can stay mid-air for 30 minutes and also have the ability for storing 50,000 images from high above the air.

Capture every special moment using this drone and make everyone’s jaw drop in wonder for reliving those past memories you had already lived.

The above are the coolest gadgets that you can purchase right now for an amazing house party before your parents return.

Find out, how you can turn your beautiful abode into a smart house for living by installing technologies.

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