A Salute To The iPod: Apple’s Finest Creation

I bought an ipod this weekend. Yes, in 2016. While I realize the ipod is more or less a thing of the past, I still enjoy keeping my phone and my music separate. My old ipod, the click wheel kind, finally crapped out on me after several years of faithful service, in hot/cold weather, and through a total reset after I switched from an Apple laptop to a PC. But this past week the thing crapped out, in the middle of a Target parking lot when it had worked just moments before. All the buttons suddenly did nothing, and the device no longer took a charge. A visit to Apple revealed that there was nothing they could do. If I wanted an ipod in my life again it would have to be replaced.

For the past few days I have been driving around like it’s ten years ago, with a CD in the dash of my car playing the same 18 songs. 18 is a good amount. But over 1000 to choose from is much better, I think. I love Prince but I’m getting tired of hearing the same songs again and again, so the problem had to be rectified. I bought myself an ipod.

Music is important. Probably the most important form of entertainment there is. Aside from smell, more memories are probably tied to music than anything else. When you lose it, you realize how much you really need it.

It seems kind of bizarre to me, the lifespan of the ipod I mean. When it was first released years ago everyone wanted one, and Apple advertised them like crazy for years. But now Apple has scrubbed the ipod from their main page. Gone are the days when you could walk into an Apple store and see a table covered in ipods. Oh sure, you can search for the ipod on Apple’s site. But now you only have three to choose from, the highest capacity being 32GB. 2GB for an ipod shuffle? Why bother making this piece of shit anymore? People who love music don’t buy an ipod shuffle. My dead ipod could hold 160GB of music. I never came near that amount and probably never would. But the fact that there is no Apple product that comes close seems strange to me. The entire line seems like an unloved step child of Apple’s now, when it was once their bread and butter.

So I salute the unloved ipod, an entertainment device that has been my companion on road trips for years, and now that I’ve purchased a new one, shall remain so for the foreseeable future.

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