Ado.Network is rebranding to Ado Protocol

ADO Protocol
1 min readApr 22


Monday, 17th of April 2023, 13:00 GMT — 15:00 CET: ADO V2 Holders Snapshot.
After the Snapshot we will begin removing liquidity from V2 and add it to the V3 contract.
ADO V2 holders will be airdropped the exact amount of V3 as they had V2 on Snapshot with the condition that they don’t Buy/Sell after the Snapshot.

Changes to Ado.Network and V3 contract:
- will be redirected to
- rebranding all socials with Ado Protocol
- on-chain tax is removed
- 4 levels of tax with adjustment to the payouts from the affiliates contract: 10/10 — referrals max 10; 5/5 — referrals max 5; 2/2 — referrals max 2; 0 tax and no referral payouts.
- loyalty rewards (raffle) removed (gambling laws in some jurisdictions)
- BNB rewards removed (securities laws in some jurisdictions)

Tax on the V3 contract is doing buy-back and burn or liquidity and it’s up to 80% more price efficient than the V2 contract on the same volume.



ADO Protocol

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