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ADO Protocol
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This is one of the missing pieces in crypto and a very important piece in traditional advertising.
Programming it safe, easy to use, and trustless is not easy, but we’ve shown that it’s working.
The solution can be applied to any token, new or old and we plan to build a white label for it as soon as our community is large enough to justify it.
This is a future solution for influencers so that they don’t have to buy and dump tokens on their followers anymore.

How long does the cookie stay on the device?
365 days, without being rewritten by anyone in the first 30 days

Easy, Safe, Trustless?
Everything is in smart contracts.

Are we counting people brought in or transactions?
We’re counting every transaction around 100$, adjusted with the price of the token. Right now it’s at 9000 ADO.

Affiliate Levels?
Starter 1–4 Transactions Commission: 1%
Bronze 5–19 Transactions Commission: 2%
Silver 20–49 Transactions Commission: 3%
Gold 50–99 Transactions Commission: 5%
Platinum 100–249 Transactions Commission: 7%
Diamond 250+ Transactions Commission: 10%
It is capped at 10%.

Any other perks?
Yes, lottery (raffle) tickets. Starter level = 1 ticket. Starting with the 5th transactions, each purchase = 1 ticket. Example: 10 transactions = 6 tickets.
The lottery is also on the blockchain, in smart contracts. High volume = high prizes.



ADO Protocol

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