by Sisi xi Yu
Adobe Machine Intelligence Design Intern, Summer 2019

Democratization or Homogenization of Creation?

Last week passed in a blur, presenting my summer project to the Adobe Design team, then flying to San Jose for the intern summit, I can’t believe it is already my last week. Before I leave, I wanted a way to remember what I learned over the summer. So here is my short, illustrated reflection documenting some of my thoughts in the past three months. …

Narrowing the Creative Language Gap with Machine Intelligence

By Archie Bagnall, Lisa Jamhoury, Madeline Hsia, and Patrick Hebron

There’s a language gap present in today’s creative landscape. One that separates our creative applications from our creative intent. The gap is the reason we are required to “on-board”, the reason we find ourselves disoriented when a button moves after a software update, and the reason we watch online videos to learn features our tools have in fact offered for years. We accept the gap, because the historic nature of computers — binary execution of pre-programmed functions — has caused it to always be there. …

Adobe Machine Intelligence Design

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