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Feb 2, 2018 · 2 min read

Many of our members share their Portfolios with clients, recruiters or team members, making password protection a very important feature set. Because of this, we’ve recently updated Adobe Portfolio to better let you control who has access to specifics parts of your website. We’ve added new ways to password protect your site, so you can not only protect your entire Portfolio with a single password, but also require unique passwords for specific Pages, Galleries or Sub-pages within your site.

Page, Gallery, and Sub-pages

If you’re looking to protect selected parts of your Portfolio, you can click the Manage Content icon on the left side of the editor. When the Manage Content drawer appears on the left side, you’ll notice that each Page, Gallery, and Sub-page in the Website Pages tab has a gear icon. The gear icon opens a settings pane where you can add a unique password for each Page, Gallery, or Sub-page.

Site wide

You can password protect your whole website easily by clicking the Settings Gear on the left side of the editor and then selecting “Password Protection” in the Settings menu. A site-wide password will require all visitors to enter a password to view your website.

Other Tips

If you’re looking for more privacy, you can add a password to a Page, Gallery, or Sub-page and then hide it from your site’s main navigation. If your page has a long or complicated title, we suggest also editing the slug (the part of the URL after the “/”), for the ease of your site’s visitors.

Need more details? Check out our FAQ section on Password protection here.

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