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The Duolingo French Podcast tells fascinating, true stories that aim to help French learners and francophiles worldwide improve their listening and comprehension skills.

Martine Chaussard is a trilingual audio producer from Montréal, Canada. She is a sound designer and mixer on the Adonde Media team that produces the Duolingo French Podcast with the language-learning platform Duolingo, and she had to tackle an exciting challenge with a recent episode.

By: Martine Chaussard

When I was told I would be mixing and sound designing the story of Arnaud Askoy, a man who upended his life to become a Jacques Brel impersonator, it felt like I had won the audio lottery. Cue the dreams of a score that would transport listeners to the legendary Belgian singer’s Port d’Amsterdam to smell the frites and mussels. Dreams of a story that would allow them to feel the dramatic desperation of a man pleading for his lover to not go away (oh, the heartbreak!) …

When the nearly global quarantine hit, the podcast industry was challenged to adapt and continue to produce content. In this article, we share a guide created with the Adonde Media team on how to achieve the best audio quality with a recording device that we all have within reach: a mobile phone.

By Mariano Pagella

As social distancing and quarantine measures began to expand in different countries, a new trend began to emerge in social networks within the world of podcasting: sharing photos of people recording inside their closets.

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While this is nothing new, it’s still somewhat shocking to see someone of the stature of Ira Glass, wearing a suit and all, recording an episode of This American Life from his home. …

The World is Slowing Down Because of COVID-19, But We Can Still Hear It.

Coronavirus has presented a challenge for podcast producers to distribute content in times of quarantine. Below, we share some resources for podcast listening and producing.

By Florencia Flores Iborra (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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Filmmakers release their films for online streaming. Artists offer live-streaming performances. …


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