Announcing Adopting Bitcoin 2023 and Bitcoin Month

Adopting Bitcoin
3 min readMay 11


Adopting Bitcoin is back in Bitcoin Country in 2023

In 2021, El Salvador made history as the first nation in the world to make Bitcoin legal tender. This groundbreaking decision set the stage for a new era in financial innovation and inclusion. Now, in its third consecutive year, the Adopting Bitcoin conference hosted by Galoy continues to support and promote the ongoing journey of Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador and beyond.

This year, we’re excited to announce a special collaboration with the LA-based Pacific Bitcoin conference organized by Swan Bitcoin, taking place a month prior in Los Angeles, USA. Join us as we celebrate Bitcoin Month, an unprecedented series of events beginning with Pacific Bitcoin and culminating in Adopting Bitcoin 2023.

From humble beginnings in El Zonte to the global stage, El Salvador has become a beacon of inspiration for other countries and communities exploring the possibilities of Bitcoin. As we forge ahead, we remain committed to the core mission of education, collaboration, and progress that has driven our efforts from the very beginning.

Throughout Bitcoin Month, attendees can participate in numerous meetups and community-organized events, with a shared event calendar to guide them. This month-long celebration will bring the global Bitcoin community together, fostering connections and empowering individuals to shape the future of money and finance.

Join us for Adopting Bitcoin 2023, a celebration of the advancements made thus far and a catalyst for future growth and development in the world of Bitcoin.

Date: November 7–9, 2023

Place: San Salvador, El Salvador

This year’s conference will once again feature two main tracks, with simultaneous translation to Spanish: ECON for non-technical topics and DEV for technical discussions. In addition to these tracks, participants can engage in a variety of workshops and breakout sessions tailored to individual interests. And, of course, our Hackspace will return for the builders and innovators among us.

Call for Participation

The organizing team is seeking speakers who wish to contribute their knowledge and experience to the conference. If you’re interested in sharing your insights, submit your application at Please note that Adopting Bitcoin is a Bitcoin-focused conference; talks promoting blockchain or other cryptocurrencies will not be given a platform.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Adopting Bitcoin 2023 is also seeking sponsors. If you or your organization are interested in supporting this groundbreaking event, please reach out to or submit an inquiry via the form on our website.

Tickets & Profits

Adopting Bitcoin is a non-profit event. Profits will be used to support local education initiatives.

All tickets are payable in bitcoin only. No fiat. We accept on-chain and Lightning payments. Admission for Salvadorans to the entire conference program is $21. Regular tickets for non-Salvadorans start at $150, price increasing monthly by $50 as we get closer to the conference date. Supporters can opt to pay more and help us break even by covering the cost of discounted tickets. All profits of the event will be donated to local initiatives educating about Bitcoin. Last year’s beneficiaries were Mi Primer Bitcoin.

Join us as we continue to foster the growth and adoption of Bitcoin in El Salvador and around the world at Adopting Bitcoin 2023, and celebrate the power and potential of Bitcoin during the exciting Bitcoin Month. Together, we’ll embrace the future of finance, driven by the power and potential of Bitcoin.




Adopting Bitcoin

A Lightning Summit in El Salvador // Nov 7-9 // 100% of profits go to Bitcoin education in 🇸🇻 // Hosted by Galoy ⚡️⚡️⚡️