The Crazy Cost of Psychiatric Medications

Pills. They are the accessory du jour of the mentally ill. And, truthfully, they do improve the quality of life and quiet the demons of those with mental illness.

Myself, I know for a fact that it would be impossible for me to get out of bed in the morning without my daily doses of Lexapro, Clonipin and Trazadone. (Actually, it’s sometimes hard to get out of bed all day, even with my meds, but I digress.)

For years and years my depression and anxiety were managed by a double dose of Celexa each day, then I got pregnant and was advised to step off the medication. Then I had a miscarriage and a nervous breakdown. After trying and trying, I finally got into Wellspring Health Associates here in Chicago — they deal specifically with women’s mental health and are amazing, lifesaving and compassionate care givers. They are great and I was so relieved to being able to start on a medication regimen that would provide relief, to feel like myself that I practically skipped to the Walgreens near my house.

(Actually, I took a Lyft. It was cold, so sue me.)

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