The last time I saw her, we were saying our good byes and she was wearing that yellow dress that I pretended to love because of how much she loves it. It was finally happening, I was relocating to Canada and she would come join me soon. We kissed passionately at the departure lounge not minding the people who seemed affected by our PDA because we both knew it’d be a while before we’d see each other again.

We were both practical people and that’s one of the reasons I asked her to marry me aside from her being the…

It was mid May in 2003. I wish I remembered more details about the day but I don’t because it was just another day in my regular ass life. I don’t think it rained though but I’m not exactly sure it was sunny. I was in my class, on the ground floor, Primary 1 ( I cannot remember which one exactly but I’m guessing it was pry 1C ) doing what primary 1 pupils do when I was told someone came to pick me to take me home. It wasn’t time to go home but I dont think I fought…


A 22 year old young adult. Struggling baby blogger and overall struggling human.

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