How to #makeshithappen with no money or resources

For the community, by the community

Six months ago, when we began this journey, we were only certain of one thing. We wanted to re-inject meaning and purpose into the innovation landscape.

Our aim was to create a movement. Nudge wannabe founders into entrepreneurs who will become the change they wish to see in their own communities. To do this, and ensure all ideas truly materialised; we wanted to provide the resources and tools needed to become an entrepreneur through a 48 hour Hackathon, and via our prizes.

We began this journey with no funding, money, staff, venue or anything else you’d expect with two people trying to host 150 hackers, but we had a strong vision why and purpose. So we set out to start a movement and we invited all those we made contact with to be part of it.

The concept was simple. Invite 150 passionate hackers, marketeers, business folk and other ideasmen from any and all industries, skill sets and walks of life to come together to figure out

“How we can utilise our local, national and/or international communities to affect change”

Our single minded ambition was to empower wannabe influencers to become the change they wish to see in their communities through providing the resources to #makeshithappen

We gave our hackers four rules:

1. Make Something Meaningful

We live in a world where we create things for profit, aiming to be first to market, but forget at times why we do what we do, and whether it empowers people to be or do more. So make something meaningful, change the world. Do not be afraid of a challenge and THINK BIG.

2. Do not compare your beginning to someone else’s middle

The only thing that matters is your idea and that you have the drive and passion to make it happen.

3. Everyone is a resource

Everyone in this room can help you, teach you, facilitate and bring you forward. This is not a room full of competitors; this is a room full of leaders, here for the same reason as you, to make this world a better place. So help each other.

4. You can. End of Story

The words ‘can’t, impossible, it’s always been that way’ are not permitted to be used during the 48 hour hack. Ignore the voice in your head that attempts to discourage you from doing what you want to do. YOU CAN. End of story.

In two days, our hackers had 48 hours, 27 mentors, 7 awesome healthy meals and enjoyed being spoilt by our 32 sponsors. All the winning prizes encouraged the teams to pursue their ideas past prototypes like yoga classes, design classes from Rufus Leonard, Raspberry Pi mini-computers to help winners learn to code and mentorship with Google.

Something also beautiful happened. ‘Competitors’ helped each other code and design, everyone would eat together, sleep together, laugh together, and brainstorm together. Mentors arrived at 2pm and didn’t leave until 2am. Prize offers for our winners kept coming in all the way till pitch time, and we all left feeling like part of a family and a community that pushed each other forward.

Our family would continue to support, help and mentor each other during the start of their journey, knowing that the winners would be expected to return to pitch their ideas again in four months time — (with the day finally arriving: this Thursday, February 25th at WeWork Moorgate, London see more about demo day here)

One of the most unforgettable and incredible things about this event was every aspect of this hack was sponsored by small, big and independent organisations like Braintree_Paypal. What this hack reminds us of about the world that we share, is collaboration is king. Unification is change. and if we be together, think together, and act together, we can change the world together. It truly was a Hackathon for the community, by the community.

So, the learning here is simple. If you have an idea, all you have to do, is go and #makeshithappen.

Don’t forget when trying to #makeshithappen to remind yourself to:

1. Make something meaningful

2. Don’t compare your beginning, to someone else’s middle

3. Remind yourself everyone is a resource


If you’d like to see our Product Hunt Babies demo their world changing ideas 4 months on, join us this Thursday at WeWork Moorgate, 1 Fore Street, We’ll also be joined with Russell Buckley, a Singulatarian Angel and VC share his very dystopian view on the future of technology/innovative products. You can get your tickets here:

You can read/watch more about the event, and it’s winners in The Drum Article here:

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