Lifted Dialogue

Nothing is quite as good as all that is about to be

the softening inhale coalesce in my lungs

sinking deeper my body shakes and then falls.

Trenches dug deep in the heart swell and fill

opening up to a world that is always waiting.

Closed eyes, a reminder to breathe normally

Deep inhales further softening

the telling burn in the throat suddenly a change.

The world flips itself on, distractions everywhere!

Blip, Facebook rears its ugly head

24th? I thought it was the 22nd?

confusion spreading, what’s on the 24th?

Mental awareness, no mental health awareness

why does this world have to be so mental

yes I get it, we all have problems, lets work on them

Does a dialogue really solve a problem?

are we playing doctor without operating?

let’s do something to end perpetual madness.

Fluttering blurries blow away the thoughts

it’s snowing grey matter, the ash falling slowly.

Clouds floating through sun shafts, tiding waves.

A cold breeze opens itself to me. I shudder.

Air passes over and into me, relaxing me.

becoming mindful, chiming tones of delight.

Gratitude has been practiced for years,

bringing its followers deep settled peace

holding my life in its light, I smile.