With respect to the final goals of Civic:
Alexandre Kral

Perhaps contemplating if democracy is fair comes second to contemplating the topography of application of the wishes of a group of people… If I live next to a river, I might not vote for state sponsored water supply, undermining the economic contribution of a minority of desert dwellers in my jurisdiction.

Substitute water for X then ask yourself what is more important — democracy, or borders and boundaries — and how do those vary by issue?

You call some people idiots… but they my call you an idiot for staying in a city, working on things you thing might be relevant in the future, while they are slaving their lives away at things relevant to them, and perhaps the majority of global population, today, than anything you may have ever been exposed to in your bubble. Even your strongest convictions are mere opinions, determined by your context.

The connected world reveres the “wisdom of the crowd”… in some parts of the world, where there are healthier communities, that wisdom is amplified, and beats all the money and technology in the world, for their context.