Shades for the Dusky Bride

Wedding opens an entire new chapter in a bride’s life. The thrill of novelty and the fear of the unknown often cause the woman to go through a mighty deal of emotional upheavals. To add to the jitters of transitioning, there is always a lot to do on the actual wedding front. With the preparations of the wedding, there is always a lot to do and always to something to make right.

Often in the entire gamut of things-to-do, the bridal couture is hurriedly bought. While from menu cards to wedding invitations, all contribute to the magical charm of a new beginning, the wedding apparel kills it all. Very often we make the mistake of waiting till the last moment and that is where we make the first error in the entire planning.

Why we wait till it is too late is befuddling no doubt, why we settle for something gaudy and not up to the mark is an even greater bemusement. That wedding and the pictures are memories created for life. Someday, a little version of you may be looking at the album for inspiration. Let us not give her the wrong one.

While going through wedding collections for your bridal ensemble, ensure that you keep the body type and complexion in mind. Especially if you are a dusky beauty, it is understandable that the colour red just cut it for you. To add on to the woes, certain pastels end up washing your own charm out. In such a situation, finding the perfect elusive bridal dress can be a tough task. Doesn’t it seem as if the universe is conspiring against the whole scheme?

As hard as it may look at the face of it, most of the issues are just in the head. Any good designer, like the renowned Tarun Tahiliani can prove the point just as well. From traditional Indian gowns to exquisitely crafted lehengas, the designer knows how to make you drool over the perfect piece.

So, what are the colours that would flatter a dusky bride and make her look an absolute stunner on her special day? Read on to find out:

Peach and orange tones: The colours of an apricot are famous to set off the colour of your skin perfectly. Copper or gold embroidery would balance the shade immaculately.

Warm reds and orange-reds: While bright red may look garish, you can always pick up deep ruby or pale coral. You can have a winner shade if paired with the right accessory.

Ink Blues: The colour promises to amplify the radiance of your face. It ensures to set off the skin tone graciously.

Corals: Choose one with a tone of orange instead of pink and you wouldn’t go wrong.

Trick, after all, is finding the perfect hue.