All community leaders agree that great experiences such as events and gatherings, come with lots of planning: before, during, and after. Planning includes structure in content and logistics, and thus structure ensures greater chances of success.

However I believe planning accounts for only 50% of what makes a great experience.

There are two parts to creating a great experience: mastering the Visible and being intentional about the Invisible.

As a participant, the Visible is everything you get to see, from speakers to venue and food.

As a community builder, the Visible is the outcome of your work, from the type…

Less than a month ago, together with David, we plunged right back into community building.

We kicked off #BUIDL Amsterdam, a non-profit meetup that brings together people who are actively building and contributing to the decentralised web (entrepreneurs, coders, product managers, community builders, investors etc).

You might ask, isn’t there already an abundance of blockchain events?
Fair question.

There are plenty of specific blockchain-related communities, from developer focused to food integrity blockchain meetups to basic introductions into blockchain type of events.

However, #BUIDL AMS comes from our own unmet need to belong to a community of like-minded people (shared interests…

TL;DR: We’re closing down Couples Review and repurposing the framework and app for what we call ‘Team Review’. Sign up here.

Back in September 2017, I wrote a post about a new app we were building, called Couples Review. It was a framework for couples to be able to “review” their relationship each week and uncover both the good and bad of the relationship, and to realign with each other regularly.

Both David and I have been in the startup game for some time so we approached Couples Review as an experiment, trying to kill it as quickly as possible…

We’re on a wait list for couples counselling, but until then I love your idea! I told him about it and he also wants to try it.

About 1 month ago, we started to survey 93 of our friends and family about the relationships with their ‘significant other’. We received 71 responses, with most of the responses being very honest, open, and valuable. …

Adriana Truong

Executive Coach and Co-Founder Previously Global PM @Philips, Manager @Rockstart and Community @StartupInst.

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