On hypermasculinity and the Black community

Don’t cry. Be loud. Be brave. Play sports. Assert your power. And most importantly, don’t act like a girl.

A spent a good deal of time thinking about what to write about this week. As always, I looked to Twitter as inspiration, as the site is the center of so many ideas.

One topic that I continually see is the hyper masculinity of Black men. After more investigation, I ran across a really good article titled “Sometimes I Cry.”

What made this article hit home for me was the fact that it shows the danger of creating an environment where men are taught to be hypermasculine.

This construct exaggerates black men as over-domineering, super-powered, callous, deranged, insensitive and animalistic brutes. Black hypermasculinity is the racist, deprecating term used to dehumanize the validity of black humanitarianism. — Patrick Derilus

Hypermasculinity can have damming effects of mental health and future relationships with friends, spouses, and kids.

Now, more than ever, it is vital that Black men shake the teachings of hypermasculinity and embrace crying.

Embrace sadness. Embrace joy. Embrace emotion.

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