Coffee Concentration. Buddhist monks have a form of meditation involving a tea ceremony, in which monks devote utmost concentration to every aspect of the tea. You can do this with your own morning drink. Listen to the sounds of your coffee maker at it brews your drink and the smell the aroma. Study the color of your coffee, watching how it changes when you add milk or cream. Feel the warmth of the mug in your hands. Then, finally, study the taste in measured sips. Eating and drinking are everyday practices we often take for granted, but they can easily become mindfulness exercises that can be utilized throughout the day.
12 Mindfulness Hacks That Will Kill Your Stress
Larry Kim

I definitely agree with the importance of enjoying your coffee and tea, and meals in general. It’s a better approach to eating/drinking to thoroughly enjoy it instead of gulping down processed garbage as fast as you can. It also reminds you to eat properly (it’s a lot harder to mindfully appreciate a super sized fast food special than it is a bowl of strong tasting fresh greens, hot brown rice and steaming chicken) and to be grateful for your food.

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