If you have good friends who really get and understand you, certainly they have some sort of idea who you’ll get along well. Ask them to introduce you with people. The risk is low, upside is super high.
Dating in a Post-Tinder World, When You’re No Longer in Your 20s
Farina J. Situmorang

I have to disagree here. Or maybe my friends just suck? The worst dates I’ve ever been on we’re friend set ups. Heck, my worst relationship and the most dangerous stalker I’ve ever had were people my friends thought were just fine, and “nothing is wrong with them”.

The risk factor is also higher: you risk pissing off the people who care about you most. Or, even better, if you date a friend’s friend and it doesn’t work out, one of you might be out a social circle.

Friends also have a tendency to assume if they like two single people IT MUST BE MEANT TO BEEEEEEEE and that’s just not the case. Friends also overlook qualities you might tolerate in a friend but not want in a potential significant other as well.

I’ve instituted a “no set ups” policy. One of my top 5 best decisions ever.

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