Logically, Jane’s critics are, by and large, ignoring her main argument: that (often young 20 something) entry level employees deserve a living wage for the work they produce.
In Defence of Talia Jane
Gabrielle Garcia

Thank you. This is about a living wage for EVERYONE. Jobs should ALL pay a living wage for the city they are located in. Anyone working is giving up their priceless time that they can never get back. We only love once. Why is it so wrong to want the means to live in exchange for a reasonable amount of work (40 hrs/week)?

By saying Talia should work two jobs to survive, her critics are ALSO saying that people in the service industries should have to work two jobs to survive for the rest of their lives. Many people in the food industry don’t just start there: that’s their existence. Why can’t they just put in their 40 and then be able to pay for rent and food?

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