Week in AI #5


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The Unsettling Performance That Showed the World Through AI’s Eyes
Artist Trevor Paglen is best known for images of the security state. Now he’s collaborating with Kronos Quartet and Obscura Digital to explore AI.

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Tencent to open AI research center in Seattle
Chinese tech conglomerate Tencent will be opening a new AI research center in Seattle.

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Artificial Intelligence: Chess match of the century
Demis Hassabis lauds Garry Kasparov’s account of battling supercomputer Deep Blue.

Check Out the Lexus That Apple’s Using to Test Self-Driving Car Technology
Almost two weeks after Apple Inc. secured permission to test its autonomous-car technology in California, the first images of the vehicle have been captured on Silicon Valley roads.

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The Race To Build An AI Chip For Everything Just Got Real
A quarter-century ago, Facebook’s director of artificial intelligence made an AI chip. He was 25 years ahead of his time.

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Amazon’s Echo Look Rates Your Outfits and Slurps Up Revealing Data
The company’s latest smart assistant features a camera to help you choose what to wear — and photograph the inside of your house while it’s at it.