I need somebody, and I need some help. I’m taking IELTS exam in less than a week now and I don’t feel prepared, moreover I don’t feel confident enough.

I’m going to use medium as one of many tools I’ve being deploying in my studies. It might also help others who desire to succeed just like I do.
More than praying and not getting enough sleep, I’m also doing many stuff to improve effectively my English skills. Firstly let’s take a look at my list of things to get better results.

List of things

  1. Listening to the radio: Irish radio stations are the best. I recommend RTE .If you’re not taking the exam in Ireland I strongly suggest you to look for it online and listen to them daily. First of all it is worth considering that they have a very unusual accent and they tend to speak really fast, on the radio is not different, so you can hear mere accents in the same program. On the top of that they have a nice subtle sense of humor and you have to have it to get their jokes. I am also listening to the other English speaker countries radios. It’s a nice way to catch up with different parts of the world.
  2. Get some help online: Yes, there is an immense number of websites to help on this assignment. I’ll give my TOP 3 favorite ones:

IELTSbuddy: they give all the information you need, test samples, tips and it’s also a way of chatting with others in the same boat…

IELTSmaterials: they also have a variety of mock tests, tips, furthermore they have materials, you can download some books there.

Britishcouncil: same oh same oh… go there and check, great stuff.

3. Test yourself everyday. make at least one test a day. It’s very time consuming, however it will be better to have it included in your routine and when you get to the exam date you won’t feel so worn out at the end of the test.

4. Make a list: I like lists so I apply it to anything I need. Make your list of vocabulary, verbs, new expressions, phrasal verbs, linking words, sentences, structures, anything you want. I also make charts, bars, drawings, spiderwebs, diagrams.

5. Take notes after studying a section, how did you feel, what did you miss. I usually take some notes after each part. So during the listening for instance, I checked what information I lost and why.

6. Have a good grammar with you, you can download it or have it under your guard, but check it often.

7. Ask people to correct your essays. I have an angel by my side who I sometimes call boyfriend too and he checks my essays as an everyday task (sending all my good feelings and gratitude for him right now). Don’t ask only one person, ask other people, if you don’t have anybody to rely on, send it to me (and I’ll give it to my people), to someone abroad, to people on, find someone!

8. Study at least 2 hours a day. Again, it is important to be familiar with the test so grab some mock tests online and do it.

9. Talk to native English speakers whenever is possible, talk to them about everything. Talk to non natives in English.

10. Read as hell. Magazines, newspapers, advertisements, books, comic books, novels, poems, whatever comes to you. Don’t forget to read essays, scientific works, and so on.

Ok, I think that’s it for today. I’ll be updating my everyday scores, feelings, prayers, discoveries and thoughts!

Don’t forget to take the IELTSquiz. Are you ready?????