Adrien Amsellem
Sep 7, 2016 · 2 min read

// The outweighed sacrifices of joining a startup

After delving into the unknown, I discovered that the benefits of working for an early stage venture far outweigh the ‘sacrifices’ you need to make…

One of the most attractive reasons behind joining Improbable was that I had a real opportunity to help build and influence the entire recruitment process and more! I had direct access to the founders who are some of the smartest, most ambitious people I’ve met and the rest of the company knew we could hire the best. From the beginning, empowering new hires to make decisions was vital. But these ideas are always discussed and we want to make sure we debate openly, ensuring we get the best outcome. This certainly taught me to retain an attention to detail and voice your opinions with clarity.

When I started, Aaron was fairly pre-occupied with streamlining the interview/recruitment processes that ensured we used engineering time efficiently; whilst I was charged of creating a bottleneck of top engineering talent. Herman had some very ambitious hiring goals and there were a lot of spreadsheets; mapping teams and setting up applicant tracking systems — safe to say we didn’t enjoy our first ATS. I realised that whilst there’s always interesting problems to solve in a startup, they’re often met with a number of menial tasks.

Moar fans please!

One hot summer morning, Talent and People Ops received a 6am call asking for us to come to the office earlier that usual. The mission? To buy as many fans and air conditioning units we could possibly get our hands on as well as a tonne of ice — the air conditioning in the office had broken down over night. We managed to find a fan for every person and had it on their desks before they arrived after strategically marching around London to various shops that might have them (in April I might add, before most shops had them in stock!

The point is, sometimes you’ll have to do things that were never part of your job description because you’re contributing to building a company and not just a product.