I’ve had too many relevant conversations about dating in LA recently and I’ve found a common thread. Everyone is so afraid to take risks yet complain about lonely Sunday mornings in bed. I love giving advice I don’t personally take and that is this: how can you ever expect the fruits of ecstacy if your unwilling to get a little dirty in the garden? Seeds have to be planted, women you’re meant to be seen and water like love… Is in abundance on this planet. That is to say love is plentiful, desiring to be with you as much as you with it. But you must first plant the roots, grow the soul of which love can bind to. After all fruit can’t grow without branches to hold on to -Take a chance on the guy who’s too nice, or the girl who’s not quite your type. Why be in a rush for one course when the tasting menu has so much more to offer. #Grow #LoveYourself #YesIveHadOneTooMany #BeOpen #StayReady

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