My First #chatsnap Experience on Twitter

For UF Social Media Mgmt, we were required to participate in a TwitterChat. I dreaded it and I had no idea how to participate. After I got over my procrastination and negativity, I jumped into a weekly Wednesday chat at 2:00PM called #chatsnap.

It is hosted by Kristy Gillentine and she was so wonderful. Her response rate to every thing that everyone was tagging her in was so impressive. #chatsnap posted eight questions before the chat started, so everyone could prepare for what was going to happen during this time.

Twitter chats normally last about an hour and ours blew through in about 50 minutes because everyone that was participating was on it. The theme for the #chatsnap this week was based off one of my favorite shows, The Office. Before every snap she posted a great meme from the Office that said the next question was coming.

Everyone in the chat was

  • Funny and witty
  • Whole-heartedly enjoying themselves
  • Participating
  • Nice and polite
  • Loved The Office theme (because who doesn’t?)

I had so much more fun than I thought I would and I even told that to Kristy. There were people on the #chatsnap that were participating like they do it every week and had made friends through this whole Twitter world that I knew nothing about.

During the #chatsnap, I created a Canva photo and it was so easy. I posted it as an answer to one of her question that asked, “what do you think would be the most important feature to use within Snapchat for training/teaching someone, and why?”

My response:

The whole thing went so fast and I did not feel like it was even something I had to do anymore because it was so fun. People were responding, “liking”, and Retweeting the whole time, so it was very interactive. I was surprised how interactive everyone was and it made me wonder people’s reasoning behind participating in a Twitterchat.

For everyone in #UFSMM, it is required, but why else would people participate in one? It is a whole group of people that do this that I didn’t know about.

I was very unsure about what to expect from this Twitterchat, but I am definitely glad that I know how to do one now. I had never heard of it before this #ufsmm class. I participated in the entire, required hour and answered all the questions she asked.

Here are three more interactions that I did throughout the Twitterchat (links are provided under each):
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