The world is cray right now.

I am not returning to ‘business as usual’ today. or tomorrow. or the next.

If you’ve been impacted, whether personally or just emotionally, by all of the recent and tragic natural disasters {amongst all the regular man-made ones}, you know that business as usual doesn’t exist anymore.

And that there is nothing like an emergency, or unexpected event, to show you how prepared you are to weather any storm, financially — and to help others with donations of time or money, as well.

My little FL town thankfully dodged the Irma bullet — we fortunately did not see the side of the storm that many of our other sister cities unfortunately DID see and experience.

This storm, the fires, the last storm, these are big deals.

I thought we might lose everything when I saw the storm take that turn for the west coast, our town hasn’t seen a hurricane in over 100 years, and the storm surge we would have experienced if that Irma girl stayed on track and hit us from the gulf, would have wiped us off the map.

Community is healing in times like this.

But as I obsessively checked in throughout the storm with my loved ones spread across the state, I didn’t care about that home…I cared about my people.

As trees fell on loved ones homes…I was overwhelmed with gratitude that they decided to evacuate.
As tornadoes whipped through and ripped apart friends houses…I felt my heart sink, but then rejoice when I found out they were okay.
As floods overtook families neighborhoods…I reminded myself that it will dry and they were safe.

The emotional rollercoaster that this experience took me through WILL be used for good. It will again shake me to action in even bigger ways. It will require me to be braver and stand up more courageously for good people with good businesses who are doing good things.

By earning more, you are able to give more — in times of emergency, and on a normal daily basis as well.

When you feel in control of your financial stability, it opens the door to all kinds of giving. From monetary gifts, to the gift of your time and energy. I am so grateful that I am able to take days off to help my local community rebuild. I am so grateful that I was able to evacuate without worrying about losing my income. I am so grateful.

As part of that message, I want to share 6 amazing entrepreneurs who are doing great things with their businesses — making a difference with their work, and also giving back with their energy, their knowledge and their revenue.

This is a two part series and the first article covers the question of — how would I generate an extra $10K in 30 days or less?

Cash flow is an important topic. If you’re stressing about paying bills, or taking care of your own essentials, you won’t have the bandwidth to give back to others.

And when an emergency hits, whether it’s a natural disaster that you have no way of anticipating, a family crisis that racks up unexpected bills or unavoidable time away from your desk — the ability to quickly generate a cash injection is crucial.

I have never been an earner for the sake of earning. I push myself to grow my revenue so that I can give back in bigger ways, and so that I have the space to take time from work to give the gift of time to those who need my help.

When your cup is full, you can fill other’s cups — both by giving back financially, and giving back with your time.

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Dana Malstaff, Founder & Content Strategist of Boss Mom

How would I generate an extra $10K in 30 days or less?

I have actually been in a situation where I needed to bring in an extra $10K and I decided to do a three-day flash sale. I took a look through all of my existing courses and content, and pulled out part of a course that I thought would provide massive value and was also trending in the market.

I think if you need an infusion of revenue, the key is to do one of two things — either grab a few high paying clients or put out a low-cost product.

Understanding my market, I went with the low price product and set my flash sale at $27 with a $47 upsell. The full sales funnel took two weeks to set up including building pages in Ontraport, writing emails, creating videos, prepping for social media, and building buzz.

It all paid off because my community loved the product and actually asked me to put out more low priced programs, and I pulled in right about $10K in three days.

Dana Malstaff is the founder of Boss Mom, where she helps women raise and nurture their babies and businesses at the same time. You can learn more about her at

Jeff Sanders, Productivity Keynote Speaker and Author

How would I generate an extra $10K in 30 days or less?

I would focus exclusively on offering a high-end service, with delivery sometime in the future. In 30 days I would not have time to write a great book, publish it, and get paid.

I would likely not have time to develop and sell a digital product that would scale quickly enough, considering the challenge of product development and marketing in a tight window.

What I would have time to do is negotiate contracts. I could pitch coaching and speaking services, negotiate reasonable fees, and ask for payment upfront.

My preference when making money quickly is to focus on high-demand services that pay well.

Coaching and speaking are two of those, and they tend to work well if you have systems in place to generate qualified leads.

Jeff Sanders is a keynote speaker, author, and host of the popular productivity podcast, The 5 AM Miracle. You can learn more about him at

Melissa Pharr, Business & Wealth Creation Coach

How would I generate an extra $10K in 30 days or less?

If I had to generate an extra $10K over the next 30 days the first thing I would do is ask myself: #1 What’s the easiest way to do it that takes the least of my resources (time, money, energy)?

Which of those ways is the most ENJOYABLE way to go about it? Things that make me happy and fulfilled always perform best.

For me, it would make sense to either do a virtual group intensive (90 minutes) OR to do a free webinar/livestream and sell some of my passive income products. I could also probably sell some 1:1 coaching packages, but that’s not really my bag right now.

I’d then decide on the price point for my chosen offer, and do the math to figure out how many need to be sold. Then I would think about the number of people I would have to make the offer to in order to convert the number of sales I need and I’d go about making it happen.

In the past 2 1/2 years, Melissa Pharr has created her own 7-figure online business by pursuing her passion for helping other online business owners to master their sales process; launch online as coaches, mentors and consultants and create financial empowerment and freedom! You can learn more about her at:

Tamiko Kelly, Child Sleep Expert

How would I generate an extra $10K in 30 days or less?

I would pick up the phone and ask for 3 referrals from some of my favorite clients. But not just any referrals, those would be the perfect fit for the specific program and/or service I am offering.

Once I receive those referrals, I would ask for a warm introduction via email or text message. Then I would set up in person meetings or phone calls to speak with the referrals, learn more about their needs and how I could help.

My solution would be priced at $10K with the option to upgrade for a more intimate VIP experience. Now I want to be clear here this is not just about throwing something together and slapping a $10K price tag on it.

This is about creating a customized product that addresses the specific needs of my clients and provides a life changing solution that makes them think, “Man, what a relief! I should have done this sooner.”

Because when that happens, your sales process is effortless and people begin to ask when they can work with you vs. you having to chase folks down and convince them to work with you.

Tamiko Kelly helps tired mamas feel like themselves again by teaching them how to get their babies sleeping through the night. You can learn more about her at:

Vasavi Kumar, life coach and “your kick-in-the-pants guide en route to your desired destination”

How would I generate an extra $10K in 30 days or less?

Based on the number of subscribers you have I would offer a 60 minute call to help maximize an opportunity that they are currently in or solve ONE specific problem

100 people in 30 days.
100 people at $100/hour.


Vasavi Kumar believes that when you know yourself you can do anything. She works with entrepreneurs to feel wildly confident in their skin. Learn more about her at

Akshay Nanavati, Marine Veteran, speaker, adventurer and entrepreneur

How would I generate an extra $10K in 30 days or less?

I would first accept, embrace and relish the inevitable fear and stress that shows up during any worthwhile challenge, which this would be. Managing my emotions and my mindset would be crucial to my success, so I would start there.

A business is nothing more than finding a problem, solving that problem and then finding people who are willing to pay for results and ease of acquiring those results.

Since I only have 30 days, I would pick a market that is similar to where I am in my life, so I will already have an intimate knowledge of all the pain points, fears, frustrations and desires. This would also need to be a market that has money and is investing in growth in some form.

Where I am at currently, I would target people in the “expert industry,” who want to write and publish a book. The market is saturated, but I have more than enough social proof to stand out from the crowd — including an endorsement from the Dalai Lama. I would then interview other authors and people who want to be authors to get a sense of what they need.

Monetization is matching a set of skills and capabilities with a series of users. I have acquired enough skills and capabilities in this realm by now to be able to deliver value to this particular series of users.

I would then break down the list of problems they are struggling with and create solutions to all of them. I would put this in a $997 dollar digital information product teaching people how to write a good book, how to leverage their book to grow their business, how to get publicity for their business and how to connect with influencers.

I could create this product and have it ready within a week. These days with the technological systems available, it would be fairly simple to create the product and the marketing funnel. I would personally use Kajabi for this.

Ultimately there are only 2 things you need to make money, an offer and traffic.

With the offer in place, the fastest way to get traffic is Facebook advertising. I would drive traffic to an opt-in page which would place people into a funnel that delivers value up front and then ultimately sends them to a sales page for this product.

At a $1K price point, I would only need 10 sales to hit my goal of $10K in 30 days. Considering the value I know I can deliver in this arena and the social proof I have acquired by this point, I am fairly confident in my ability to sell 10 products in a month.

Akshay Nanavati’s new book Fearvana is an actionable guide on how to turn fear into a friend to accomplish anything. You can learn more at

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We’ll also be revisiting the above 6 entrepreneurs and sharing how they choose to give back to their communities in the next article. Racking up endless $$$$$$$ for the sake of seeing how many figures you can boast about does not equal a happy, satisfied life for most of us.

I truly believe — good business do good. 🙌

You can make a difference in this crazy world!