A big big thank you!

because, teachers and mentors like you are very few.

Even in these difficult situation,

with your own creation,

you provided us with faster, smoother and better education.

The gratitude we owe to you, for the difficulties you took,

is much bigger than the knowledge in thousands of textbooks.

The fun and interesting discussion classes has not changed a bit,

because, every time I enter, (sorry), join a class my mood is always lit.

The classroom though is not the same, because it is our own old nest,

but the classes surely are still the best.

The gratitude we owe to you, cannot be expressed in some lines,

but if you try to appreciate my attempt, it will be more than fine.

Again, a huge thank you,

because teachers and mentors like you are very few.

(By โ€œyouโ€ I meant all the teachers).

Our school is the best

but there are some dangerous tests.

Do your work well

and no danger will dwell.

You are taught to be a rationalist

but never a nationalist.

The school gives us good books

and you are taught to never judge by looks.

The school teaches us not be a cog

but you can always be a dog.

Here nobody follows the societal herds

or else we would have all become engineer nerds.

Nobody in our school aspires to be the dwellers of the drain

but some people in our school do have a birdโ€™s brain.


Adrija Das

I am a round faced person with a lot of laughter in it.๐Ÿ˜„