Innovative ad platform continues on path towards reinventing the ad industry

AdsDax, an advertising platform powered by distributed ledger technology (DLT), has passed a major milestone, executing over 10 million transactions on Hedera Hashgraph since the network opened access to its mainnet beta a month ago.

AdsDax has been using Hedera Hashgraph to track and verify advertising events for large enterprises, as well as executing real-time payments based on the data received. Since opening access of the Hedera mainnet, AdsDax has recorded over 103 million ad events, resulting in over 10 million hbar payments.

Ian Mullins, founder and CEO of AdsDax, said, “This is a major milestone for both AdsDax and…

AdsDax to leverage Hedera’s micropayment capabilities and transaction speed in advertising platform.

AdsDax, an advertising platform powered by distributed ledger technology (DLT), has today announced that it has moved its ad platform to the Hedera Hashgraph mainnet, with over two million transactions already submitted on the Hedera mainnet. AdsDax has been using Hedera, an enterprise-grade public distributed ledger, for several months to track and verify advertising events for large enterprises, including Havas Media, Isobar and CIMB.

Ian Mullins, Founder and CEO of AdsDax, said, “AdsDax has ambitious plans to solve the problem of ad fraud in the ad industry. Currently, advertisers are unable to guarantee whether their campaigns have reached the audience…

Ad tech firm unveils ambitious plans to tackle ad fraud in an end-to-end platform with blockchain at its core.

AdsDax, an advertising technology provider, has revealed more details about their live platform which, they believe, can solve some of the massive challenges currently presented by fraud and attribution within the ad industry.

Digital advertising is currently experiencing rapid growth, with eMarketer recently predicting that digital ad spending will reach over $427 billion by 2022. …

AdsDax Blockchain Advertising Platform Powers Award-Winning Ad Campaign At CIDCA 2019

AdsDax and its innovative use of blockchain-powered advertising has been recognised at the Campaign India Digital Crest Awards 2019. The recent ad campaign, which saw Isobar and CEAT partner with AdsDax to put rich-media ads on the blockchain, was a winner in the “Insight-led programmatic buying” category after being recognised for the use of blockchain technology to reduce ad fraud.

Held in Mumbai on the 12th of June, the 2019 Campaign India Digital Crest Awards seek to reward excellence in digital advertising and marketing. …

CIMB Group, The Leading ASEAN Universal Bank, Believes AdsDax Can Solve The Problems Of Blockchain Advertising.

UK-based ad tech platform AdsDax has announced the successful completion of a blockchain-tracked mobile advertising campaign in partnership with one of the world’s largest banking groups CIMB.

AdsDax enables transparency

The ad campaign, which promoted CIMB’s “Xtra Cash” product line, ran across AdsDax’s proprietary end-to-end advertising platform. This allowed CIMB to create, deliver and verify the results of the campaign on a distributed public ledger. The campaign is a major milestone for both AdsDax and CIMB who partnered to prove the commercial viability of running a live, fully transparent, 3rd-party-validated ad campaign, at scale, on a blockchain.

AdsDax’s blockchain advertising platform aims to…

Award-Winning Ad Company Launched Their Latest Campaign On AdsDax To Test The Potential Of Ad Data Tracked On The Blockchain

Havas Media has partnered with tech provider AdsDax to harness the potential of using blockchain advertising technology to aid in the transparent measurement and tracking of ad data over the course of a campaign.

Launched two weeks ago, the campaign uses the AdsDax advertising platform to run rich-media creative that promotes food delivery service “Swiggy” in India to mobile device users during the cricket season. Throughout the campaign over 2.3 million users engaged with the advert, with all user engagements being tracked directly from the user’s device on a public blockchain. …

AdsDax partnered with Isobar distributed ledger technologies

AdsDax provides the platform for Isobar India to run their first blockchain-enabled rich-media ad campaign in a bid to test the viability and interoperability of Distributed Ledger Technologies for advertising.

AdsDax, a revolutionary, blockchain-enabled, end-to-end rich-media advertising platform has partnered with Isobar India, the digital agency from Dentsu Aegis Network, to test distributed ledger technologies and measure the impact of running ad campaigns at scale on a public ledger from a technical and business perspective.

Over 6.4 million operations added to a blockchain

The first campaign, delivered over four weeks in January and February 2019, promoted one of Isobar’s biggest auto industry brands, CEAT Tyres, via large video banner mobile adverts delivered to consumers on mobile devices from the AdsDax platform. The campaign received 2,668,000+ ad impressions that were recorded to a public ledger, providing immediate and transparent…

Global advertisers and publishers are lining up to leverage the rich-media advertising platform that uses blockchain to combat fraud and mass inefficiency in the digital advertising ecosystem.

Mobile video advertising platform AdSpruce has announced the launch of a beta version of its blockchain-enabled marketplace to create, buy and sell advertising at low fees. The revolutionary end-to-end rich-media advertising platform, named AdsDax, successfully launched in November 2018 after a year of R&D. The unique ad platform solves the transaction-per-second and scaling issues presented by past blockchain-enabled advertising.

AdsDax successfully launched in November 2018. Created by a Swansea/UK-based team, the AdsDax team…

How blockchain can give power back to the people

In today’s digital world, personal data is gold. It fuels commerce around the world, telling companies what you look at online, where you live, what your interests are. It can make your experience with brands more personal, showing you products and services that are interesting to you. But it’s not all rosy. Data misuse can be intrusive, manipulating and downright annoying. At worse, your data can be stolen, getting in the hands of the wrong people for the wrong means. With over 2.5 billion Gb of online data created every day…

A look at the industry’s challenges and how blockchain technology may save the day…


The online advertising industry is massive. In 2008, advertisers spent around $48 billion promoting their brands. Fast-forward a decade and spending has ballooned over 450% a year, to a staggering $227 billion. Despite this growth, online advertisers, publishers and consumers are struggling in an ever-complicated ecosystem, and everyone’s getting a bad deal. We take a look at their challenges and explore how the new kid on the block — blockchain technology — may hold the answer.


AdsDax is a blockchain-enabled marketplace to create, buy and sell advertising at low fees.

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