How to Use Facebook Lead Ads Effectively

This summer Facebook announced new lead generation ads for marketers around the globe. Lead ads will help businesses to promote their products and services more effectively.

Facebook Lead ads are literally an arena of opportunities for the small business owners.

Facebook Lead ads give you the ability to accumulate leads as much as possible from the target people. It actually increases the probability of having satisfactory ROI through the leads.

If you are into online advertising you need to prepare yourself for this new advertising method.

Facebook Ads campaigns have been the talk of the town for a while now, but this new feature that Facebook is introducing will enhance marketing like never before.

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

If you’ve been into online advertising for a while now, then you should be aware of the Twitter lead generation cards. Facebook lead ads theory lifts this idea to a higher level by making it better and more detailed.

There are lead generation ad campaigns that you might have tried. Facebook, however, takes this advertisement method a step ahead.

Your call to action will redirect a user to a page, which will have a form within FB site. While most users don’t like filling up forms and leave without entering their information, Facebook does this automatically.

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Yes, Facebook will pull out all information that the form needs from user’s profile and fill up the form itself. So all the users need to do is; fill in any information that might be missing and click on the submit button and your lead is generated.

A user does not even need to leave Facebook in order to generate a lead for your business.

There are numbers of advertisers, who are eager to try out this lead generation ad campaign because it is going to add a unique dimension to marketing theory.

According to studies, Lead ads campaign will provide a lower cost per click and will generate more leads. Advertisers will save more money on ad campaigns and get more returns.

Facebook Lead ads are an essential strategy for any business advertisement because users do not have to go through the effort of filling a form. On the other hand, for mobile ads, the leads help you to get the information directly from the network.

How to Create Facebook Lead Ads

You are having now, enough knowledge on how Facebook works for gathering leads for your business. Now is the time to create your first Facebook lead ad campaign.

There are two alternative simple procedures to create the lead ads-

1) Through Facebook Marketing Partner

2) Using Power Editor. Here, we are creating lead ads using Power Editor.

Ad Settings

Power Editor is no doubt a great tool to create FB ads. At the very beginning, you have to download Power Editor Tool.

After downloading this tool head to the top left corner to find ‘Create Campaign’ button. Then you have to select ‘Lead Generation’ objective from the dropdown.

(If by any reason you are unable to find ‘Lead Generation’ selection, you just have to reset the Power Editor).

Now you have to navigate to ‘ad set’ level. Here you have to select your business facebook page and accept terms and conditions.

On the very next attempt you have to specify some options- Placement, Budget, CPC Bidding, Target Audience, Schedule, Optimization & Pricing and Advance Delivery.

On the placement selection, there is only Mobile News Feeds. You might think it is for the mobile device only but currently, it is expanding to desktop also.

There is a needed option for optimization. Here you can select an automatic or manual bid.

For Automatic bid, FB uses its own algorithm to optimize your ad to accumulate conversions for you. For Manual bid, you can choose the bid as per your lead value.

Design the ad

All is done on ad settings and now move to design the ad.

To create the typical link ads you have to sincerely provide the followings-

· Perfect image

· Link Headline

· Link Description

· Text above image

Before proceeding to create form do not forget to place CTA Button.

Some of the CTA buttons are- Get Quote, Sign Up, Subscribe, Apply Now, Learn More and Download.

Creating the Lead Form

The lead form is the most important part of your new lead ad. Click on the “Create New Form” for your first lead ads and the form creation window will appear.

You need to name your form and proceed to next. Set a language also.

Here you have to furnish what information you want to collect from users.

The form fields include Demographic Questions, Contact Fields, and Work Information.

Facebook designs requests to gather information based on different types verticals such as Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, E-Commerce, B2B, Education, Automotive and more. You can also design potentials responses for each of the information type.

Facebook by default places Full Name and Email fields. You are free to add more contacts fields, three custom Question & Answer fields by clicking on the ‘Add a Question’.

When you are done with the form, you need to click next for proceeding to add a link to Privacy policy. You may also add an optional disclaimer. You can also preview your lead form.

After setting up this section, click on ‘next’ button. Here you can provide the link, which will redirect the user to your website.

Upon submitting the form the user will be provided with a link, which will land user to your website.

It is recommended to design separate landing page for FB lead ads link. And provide that landing page link to the form submission.

Now you are ready to launch your lead ads. But before that, you must preview your ads to check if there is anything to be edited.

How Facebook Lead Ads Work to Grow your Business

Give you the Data Collected from its Network:

Facebook itself fills up the form for a user. So user feels more comfortable to browse your products and services.

Facebook collects the information about a user from his profile. This system makes a great difference in marketing.

Your offers are few clicks away from the target audience:

Users can get to your offer more easily. It actually abolishes necessity of landing page.

That means users are more close to your products through Facebook Lead ads. Users have to go through these three easy steps –

a) Clicking on the Ad

b) Confirm the Info

c) get to your products

You need not design landing page or forms:

This is different from the traditional lead generation. In the traditional ad, you have to create a landing page to array the services or products to the target people.

It also eliminates to be expert in those complex html codes. Facebook Leads work for you to display all the needed things.

Users do not get pulled out of FB:

In traditional ads when people click on your ad they are redirected to a landing page. It needs to leave the site where they actually found your ad.

In FB Lead ads users do not feel any interruption of leaving FB page. They can still go through your offer being stayed in FB page. This is really a great opportunity for advertisers.

CTA Button:

CTA button makes users experience simpler. This CTA button reduces page loading time and tells the users what to do next.

Mobile Friendly:

The page FB displays for its users is mobile friendly. Therefore, people do not find difficulties in reading your offers. So you get a quick response from a group of interested people.

Essential Steps to Use Facebook Lead Ads Effectively

FB Lead Ads enables you to capture information about the potential customers without asking much effort from them. As it produces the most refined contact information, it results in great revenue for your business.

If you are getting geared up to use Facebook lead ads, here are five handy tips that will help you use them more effectively.

Follow these simple tips to get the best out of the FB Lead ad-

#1 — Set Up The Right Sign-up Form

It’s a known fact that a signup form can either help generate or lose a lead. This is something you need to keep in mind while creating a Facebook lead ad too.

Although Facebook will automatically pull out information and fill up most of the form fields by itself on behalf of an interested user.

Facebook usually manages to fill up information such as name, contact details, and email address. Click To Tweet

There could be other information that an advertiser seeks and this information needs to be filled out manually.

You might need more information and thus you need to ensure of keeping the form short and only ask for relevant information that you need at that time.

Obviously, auto fill does the effort on behalf of a user and it generates great conversions. You may add two or three more fields outside of the auto fill to collect more potential information.

This extra information will help you identify individual preferences. It will help you categorize your products accordingly. Those added forms must make you informed on how to bring relevant offers.

#2 — Integrate Your CRM

As an advertiser, you need to understand that a lead will only be effective if you manage to convert them into a potential customer. You should use Customer Relationship Management software to reply to potential customers in a timely manner.

Facebook has a number of CRM software services that it supports. These include Driftrock, Marketo, Maropost, Oracle ORCL, Marketing Cloud, Sailthru, and Salesforce.

However, if you are not using any of the above-mentioned CRM software services you do not need to fret. Facebook is expanding its list of software services that will support your essential needs.

For now, customers, who use other CRM software services, will have to download a CSV file from Facebook in order to get in touch with their potential customers.

The CRM software is vital. So keep an eye for the list of CRM software services. Facebook lead ads will support before you set up your campaign.

The CRM must have the features like Auto Responder and Notifications. If you’re planning to do it manually, you might have to gather proper and useful knowledge.

Integrating CRM is an essential part in FB Lead ad to generate leads Click To Tweet

#3 — Do Not Forget to Set Auto-Responders

This step needs the CRM software. If you do not have one, you will have to send out respond emails manually.

Following up with leads is essential for the success of any ad campaign. Click To Tweet

Ideally, it’s best to contact your customer within an hour of filling up the form. This helps you convert them faster and in a more efficient manner.

CRM software helps you set up auto responders, which automatically send out an email that you have drafted in order to respond to leads that have filled up your form.

If your CRM is not integrated with Facebook, make sure you respond manually by downloading the CSV file on a daily basis. This can still prove to be effective and help in conversions.

The most effective way to grow the customer base is to contact the visitors as soon as possible. Auto responders value customer’s interests.

Simple tips to configure auto responder’s messages to make them bring the best-

i) Focus on visitor’s psychology:

Try to view your offers from their point of view. Let them know how your offer can help them.

ii) Do not hesitate to be little personal:

The visitor is your would-be client. Be friendly with your visitors and behave like this so that they can feel they are having a relationship with you for years. Set a solution for them.

iii) Use Genuine Email:

Use that email, where people can reply. If people are able to reply back to the address from where it came they will be more attentive.

iv) Add Call to Action:

Tell people what to do next. Include a call to action to the responder message to tell them what you want them to do.

v) Respond back:

When a visitor gives a reply to your auto responder, do not forget to reply them back as soon as possible. It will make a visitor feels more associated with your business.

#4 — Select this Marketing Option Wisely

Facebook lead ads tool is young in the market but it has already proven to be a success. It is crucial for you to understand exactly how these ads work.

Try to get a complete comprehension on how FB lead ads can be beneficial for your business. Otherwise, you should not invest a large amount on this advertising platform.

Do not replace your current marketing strategy. Try to use Facebook lead ads as an addition and not a replacement.

This lead generation method will help you generate leads, however, you need to be careful about the kind of leads it generates and see how effective the leads are.

Try to use Facebook lead ads as an addition and not a replacement. Click To Tweet

Remember, filling up a form on your website might not cost you any money, but making users do it via Facebook could increase the lead ad budget, so ensure you form a budget plan and work in accordance with it.

As Facebook Lead ads tool is still a new one, it will not be wise decision to replace all your ads with this new tool.

Facebook is a great way to generate new leads for your business. It will be a great idea to use this tool to increase potential customer base. It will help to generate new sign-ups and registrations.

The visitors will ask for the immediate payoff for sharing their details with you. So select the FB leads for gate contents.

#5 — Test it to Reach the Ultimate Goal

This is something that remains constant with every ad campaign you run. In order to monitor the success of your ad campaign, you need to run a few test ads and compare the results.

You do not need to increase your ad budget in order to do this. You can change the ad campaign weekly and compare results on a monthly basis to see which ad campaign managed to generate the most amount of quality leads.

A lead is great, but leads alone can’t generate revenue. Leads need to be converted to the sale and thus you need to stay in control of how you use Facebook lead ads.

Do not go overboard with your budget, you might not manage to look into all your lead requirements. And this will just waste the lead and money spent on generating leads.

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How to Boost Conversions of FB Lead Ads

The ultimate goal of using this new tool is to generate the maximum number of leads.

You can use these following tips to boosts conversions in FB Lead ad:

• If CTR seems to be unsatisfactory, you need to handle the ad differently. You can come up with new titles, images or description. Sometimes a little change may reflect the big difference.

• As the Lead ad display as a landing page for your business on FB, you should make it attractive and informative. You have to come up with a catchy line that will able to make your ad special.

• Do not forget to include a compelling image.

• Set up a reason, which will force the visitors to use the call to action button.

• Rewarding the visitors for sharing their information with you is a great idea to improve the conversions.

Some Additional Tips You Should Practice:

• The ad is your Landing Page:

In FB Lead ads you get the only image and ad copy to target the audience. Before launching the form these are the value proposition.

Create this proposition as attractive as possible to make your ad special. You must introduce some catchy words that can influence users to give their details.

• Introduce Context:

Try to put some contexts within the ad unit. It will prepare the audience before launching the form.

• CTR is Important:

You must be always attentive to improve CTR. [Tweet “If CTR for your ad goes below 1%, you must take some actions immediately to improve.”] You have to come up with new ideas to optimize.

• Value the data you gather:

Someone is giving details means he is showing interest in your ads. You must value his wish and utilize the data in converting it into your future business.

Some of the Additional Options You Can Implement in Facebook Lead Ads

• Lead Magnets:

Though lead magnet is an ethical bribe but a fruitful strategy to generate leads. Try to use something that will effectively capture visitors’ mind.

• Furnish Discount Coupons:

It is one kind of lead magnets. Perhaps this is the easiest way to attract more people. Try to send the coupon via email after the visitor fills up your form.

• Give Away:

This is arguably one of the best ways to generate leads. However, the giveaway product must be relevant to your business. Do not forget that you’re offering only to increase your business. Avoid giving generic gifts to avoid unqualified leads.

Summing UP

Facebook Lead ads are powerful tool to create leads. But you should not forget about the competition.

Always value visitor’s experience and that is why ask them to give some advice on how you can improve your business. It will also make them more interested in being associated with you.

This is a promising alternative to gather valuable user base data, which will help your business to grow.

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It is also a great way to build a direct relationship with the prospect customers.

Above mentioned tips are not only reflecting bright ideas on improving the lead ads but also opens windows to indulge business growth.

However, the success completely depends on how creatively and uniquely you are implementing in creating the lead ads.

The more you get experienced the more you will come up with new ideas to use FB lead ads effectively.

Originally published at on December 31, 2015.