8 Amazing DIY Interior Design Ideas that are emerging in 2016.

Whether you live in a small cozy home or a large estate, there are various ways you can enhance the appeal of your home. 2016 is seeing amazing interior design trends when it comes to updating the look and feel of a home. If you are looking for home décor ideas, go for these design trends.

Here are some interior design ideas that are emerging in 2016, and which you can implement on your own.

1. Bring some greenery inside

Bringing nature inside doesn’t apply only to small apartments that need a maximization of space. Nowadays, homeowners bring in small plants and trees, and even furniture which can be placed inside as well as outside. It’s quite popular now to hang modular gardens on walls. This trend not only makes the space visually appealing but also enhances indoor air quality.

Plants in Glass Jar

2. Get local goods

Irrespective of the types of items you wish to incorporate into your design scheme, nowadays, interiors designers suggest homeowners to buy local items. Some of such things are handmade owing to the return of interest in crocheting, weaving, and knitting. Such type of design can give a warm and comfortable look and feel. Don’t hesitate to blend handmade and local items with global and commercial items, for creating a custom and unique look.

Woolen Decor Item

3. Keep things natural

Putting natural things in the home is not a new interior design idea, but it has made a good comeback now. Ideas for keeping things natural in interior design are — putting quartz chunks or large shells on a table and filling a small dish with river stones. Adding a few stoneware cookware and plates gives a natural and simple ambiance to your kitchen. You may also go for updating the drawer pulls and cupboard knobs, and select something more natural, such as semi-precious stones.

decorating with Shell

4. Use raffia

Raffia, a cool material that evokes the feel of beachy gateways and tropical breezes, is making its way into items for home this year. For instance, a crocheted raffia pillow has a unique look and feel. You can decorate raffia pillows with die cut designs in fabric. To make such die cut designs, you need to be proficient in die cutting and using a die cutting equipment. Create different designs like flowers, leaves, animals, birds, snowflakes, and more by die cutting and stitch or stick them on the pillow.

Raffia pillow

5. Focus on sustainability

A recent design trend, which is attractive as well as eco-friendly is employing sustainable materials in interior design. A very popular material is reclaimed wood since it recycles old furniture of other items and renews them by reinventing or re-purposing them. You may use the older items in your home for building a new backsplash in the kitchen or employ things from one portion of your home to redecorate another portion.

reclaimed Wood furniture

6. Let fireplace be the focus

Fireplaces, even the non-working ones, are becoming the room’s focal point once again. Rather than keeping a large television over the fireplace or neglecting the fireplace, people now arrange their furniture as such that it puts the fireplace at the center.

Fire Place

7. Bring outdoor fabric indoors

Outdoor fabrics have a high durability. Homes having kids and animals require high-traffic fabrics, which can be cleaned easily. The variety available in outdoor fabrics — both in terms of style and color — has increased over a few years. Their prices are also usually less compared to traditional designer fabrics. This makes outdoor fabrics a great trend of 2016.

Outdoor fabrics

8. Use metals

This year, the popular finishes would be metallic, brass and gold. This trend originated in the seventies and fifties when the retro look gained a wide popularity. Whether it is putting vases, bowls, or adding chunky metallic frames on a wall, you can give a retro yet modern look to the space.

Metal Vase
Working to improve the interior design of your home is certainly an interesting task. These DIY décor ideas will help you accomplish the task smoothly.