Tips for Moving On a Budget

Moving home can be stressful and if you have a restricted budget, infinitely so. How will you get all that stuff from this house to the new one without spending a lot of cash? It may seem impossible to work with limited finances for your move, but there’s always a way to cut costs and yet have a successful move. Today we discuss some tips for moving on a budget.

1. Comparison Shopping:
 When planning to move, get quotes from at least three or four moving companies. Carefully compare the costs considering the services like packing, unloading, etc. You are bound to find a reasonable quote for your move — a little bargaining also goes a long way in reducing the costs. Checking out a removals broker like Advance Removals will help you find the right quote within your budget for your move.

2. Do-it-yourself:
 Moving on a budget, folks try to manage all the tasks themselves. They do the packing themselves and ask friends to help out with the move. While this may save some money you might end up spending more on some hidden costs like driving back the truck to its original destination, etc. So it’s best to do careful research to compare the costs between hiring professional movers and doing it yourself.

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3. Minimalistic Attitude Pays:
 Moving is a good opportunity to get rid of unwanted stuff that has accumulated over the years. Dispose off items of furniture or things that you don’t need either by donating or selling them. Reduction in weight means reduction in moving costs, which is great when moving on a budget.

4. Save on Packing Materials:
 Boxes are the most essential packing material. You’ll be spending a good chunk of your budget to buy boxes. Instead, rent them out from one of the moving companies. You might also source empty boxes from the departmental store, supermarkets or liquor stores or even your office. Stationery boxes are quite sturdy and can easily hold a lot of household stuff.

5. Wrap it up:
 Wrap up breakable items like crockery and glassware in old towels, sheets and pieces of clothing instead of using expensive bubble wrap. Newspapers can be used instead of purchasing packing paper, although they might transfer ink on to the stuff.

6. Manage the packing yourself:
 Removal companies charge a tidy sum to pack your belongings for the move. But you can save on those costs by doing your own packing as much as you can while leaving the heavy and bulky items to the professional Removalists Perth.

Moving home is never an easy prospect but you can make efforts to reduce the stress and financial burden associated with it by following the above mentioned tips.