Helping Moms To Take Their Bodies Back

For the movie-star mom bouncing back from pregnancy is as easy as a few protein shakes and morning jogs. For the rest of us, it’s staring in the mirror for the one cursed moment we can’t help but look and wish that things were different before hurriedly finishing what we’re doing and rushing back to our little ones to ensure that the last five minutes of silence wasn’t because they had somehow managed to choke themselves. And for so many of us in the latter option, the time when we can finally do something to take back our physical appearance is at least several years after the fact and those jiggling deposits we don’t like to see have made their forever home on our midsection.

Sculpting Without Sharp Objects

Now those suckers don’t want to move. Even using the protein shakes and morning jogs, the crumbling foundation of that forever home can cling like a leech, sucking out all of the will behind your motivation. That’s where a little extra help can come in handy! In Corpus Christi, Texas, Advanced Wellness and Rejuvenation is there to help finish up your body-sculpting needs with their FDA-approved SculpSure treatment. This first of it’s kind non-invasive laser treatment targets fatty tissue in the flanks and abdomen by breaking them down with a heated hydrolysis method that releases the fatty acids trapped in these places so that they can be reabsorbed and removed by the body. Leaving you a sculpted look with minimal recovery time, SculpSure can get you those seemingly out-of-reach results.

Increase Your Overall Satisfaction

Unfortunately pregnancy and age don’t just affect the outside of the body, they can affect those areas we can take for granted. Because excessive stretching can result in damage, sensations in the vaginal tract can diminish and be reduced during sexual activity and end up decreasing satisfaction due to giving birth and/or aging. Thankfully Advanced Wellness and Rejuvenation offers the THERMIva treatment. Using a special wand on the external labia, the THERMIva treatment is shown to help restore tissue tone and function as well as improve overall elasticity. With no surgery or downtime, see if THERMIva is the right treatment for you.