3 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Home Windows

Though there are Utah homeowners who claim that their Victorian house still has its original windows, the windows of most homes simply don’t last that long. Experts claim that windows last about 20 years on average before it’s time to replace them. However, the signs that a window needs replacing can be subtle. Here are three signs that tell a homeowner it’s time to invest in some replacement windows:

The Window no longer works as well as it should.

This means that the window is difficult to open and difficult to close once it’s open. Air is able to leak in and leak out, and if it’s a double-paned window, condensation can be seen between the glass panes. Windows that have been nailed or painted to the point where they simply can’t be opened also need to be replaced.

The window may be difficult to clean and is so old that the homeowner can’t find replacement parts for it even if they were willing and able to fix it.

Nowadays, part of the work of a window is to be energy efficient. Newer windows have double or triple panes with inert gas between the glass that help lower energy bills. Low-E, or low emissivity window panes are coated in ways that allow in light but lessen the ultraviolet rays that enter the house and fade or discolor carpets, furniture and books. They also keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The Window is no longer attractive.

The frame around the window is cracked, splintered or rotting because water has leaked in behind it. Paint may be flaking off the frame, and water stains are visible. The style of the window is outdated. A window that has a hole or crack in it can make the very exterior of a house look unattractive and clearly needs to be replaced.

One caveat for windows that were installed before 1980 is that there might be lead in the paint of the frames and mullions. If the homeowner is worried about this, they hour have an expert come in and test the windows for lead before they’re replaced.

The House is slated for Renovation

Old windows rarely make sense in a house that’s about to undergo a major renovation. Now is the time to buy windows that not only complement the overall look of the house and its rooms, but to install energy efficient replacement windows if the old windows were of the inefficient single pane variety. Other tips are to install windows that can be opened if the older windows were fixed and to put in larger windows to let in more light.

A Utah homeowner who needs to have their windows replaced shouldn’t hesitate to engage our professionals at Advanced Window Products. In business for over 30 years, we pride ourselves in installing superior windows at affordable prices for our customers in the Salt Lake City Area. For beautiful, energy efficient windows, give us a call at 801–505–9622.

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