Pallet Racking Terminology

When I first started here At Advanced Handling I could hear terms flying about the office which I really didn’t understand. I have now been here a few months and have a much clearer understanding of the terms. I am always aware though that people who are not around it every day may find it difficult to understand the jargon! I am going to explain the general/basic terms in more detail below in the hope that it helps you understand the warehousing jargon a bit more!

So there are 7 main components of the racking are as follows:

1) Bay — This is the storage space between two vertical frames.

2) Run — Once you understand what a bay is, it is basically a series of bays connected lengthways.

3) Single sided run — This is what usually goes on the perimeter of the warehouse. It is single depth racking which is usually only accessible on one side.

4) Double sided run — Again it is like a single sided run but you have them sort of back to back to you can access goods from both sides. These are usually in the centre of the warehouse.

5) Levels — This is the number of storage ‘levels’ in the racking height (so you may say “It is 5 levels high”)

6) Aisle — This is the space in between the racks which are used for picking the goods.

7) Gangway — This is the space at the end of the racks so runs the opposite way to an aisle. It is where transport may run but does not give direct access to picking or loading faces.

These are the basic terms which should really help to explain the system so you can work out what you want. There are certain pallet racking systems which do not have proper aisles so you need to drive-in to access the racking — imaginatively named ‘Drive-In Pallet Racking’! There are also systems with moveable aisles so you have more storage space in the same floor space. With this kind of system you move the racks along when you need access to an aisle.

Have a read of our other blog articles here which go into more detail of the different racking systems available. We go into more details about the Dexion, Apex, Mecalux systems we have available — just to name a few!

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