Why are Pallet Racks used in Large Warehouses?

Pallet Racking is a storage system in which pallets can be stored holding large amounts of stock. Pallets are used widely in warehouses to store a huge range of different materials.

Pallet racking is a great solution as it allows you to store lots of stock in a small amount of space by storing things higher up rather than taking up valuable floor space and using a more compact method. There also a number of different add ons to really tailor the solution to you and your business needs.There are so many different types of pallet racking whether it be a Conventional System which is the most universal and allows for direct and single access to each pallet, or Live Storage Pallet Racking which is great for optimal product turnover thanks to the displacement of the load. With all of the different options available there WILL be a solution to suit you. Whether you work with a FIFO or a FILO system, there is a pallet racking system for your business.

Pallet racking systems are popular in a lot of warehouses as they help increase productivity and flow of operations and therefore increases productivity and efficiency in staff. These systems also help with organization and can reduce accidents in the work place.

The great thing about pallet racking systems is that they can be added to whether it be with products or more racking! The possibilities really are endless!

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