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Find and book adventures with the Adventurate app.

One day you will be able to spin a globe, throw a dart, and where it lands go on an adventure with Adventurate. I am Jake Santangelo, the Founder & CEO of Adventurate, Inc. I created the Adventurate marketplace after noticing how hard it was to find and book an airboat tour when I was traveling.

When finding a fun thing to do, we don’t want to think about logistics. You don’t want to play phone tag with a tour guide, and the process of finding one is hard enough. Let Adventurate take care of the logistics. With Adventurate you find an adventure you love, book and pay right from your phone, and then just walk up and show your email. Skip the lines. Simple payment (and even save money sometimes). Have a safe and incredible adventure you will remember for life. In a world where you can have a car pick you up or a place to stay with a few taps, why don’t we have something like this when finding something to do? When I realized no one had created such a thing I set about the mission of creating a smartphone app to do this task for people.

It is tempting to call Adventurate a travel company, but I think it is much bigger. It certainly can be used on travel. Adventurate will be an experience company. Whether we go somewhere new or rediscover a place we once thought we knew, adventure provides a mirror that causes us to reflect on who we are and what good we can bring into this world. Sure we can travel to find adventure, but sometimes we can find it in places we weren’t paying attention to.

Adventurate helps people do things smartly. By giving you the best adventures based on your location and providing high-quality photos and accompanying videos, Adventurate will bring down the ‘veil of mystery,’ or that feeling when you are about to spend $20 and think “I really hope this isn’t a waste of money.” You can see for yourself before you go if it appears to be a high-quality adventure, and immediately compare it with other companies (instead of awkwardly sifting through multiple websites on your small mobile screen). Beyond bringing down the ‘veil of mystery,’ Adventurate will go a step further: illegitimate or unsafe companies will not be tolerated on Adventurate. We won’t add companies that are clearly bad, and if we hear about really bad experiences with companies on the marketplace, they will be taken off.

Adventurate is great for users to find and book great experiences, and this is why it will help really good companies get more sales. Some technology companies create a negative experience for businesses on their platforms. Small businesses are incredibly important to this country and many of the adventures found on Adventurate are guided by small businesses. Adventurate will treat you well, and you will be a partner of this company. Because of that, Adventurate is going to be the business tool trusted by small and large adventure businesses. The great companies provide life-changing experiences. By building the digital presence and assisting with logistics Adventurate is a helper of users and a partner with businesses.

The Adventurate marketplace has been built over several months this last year, and is currently available for iPhone. You can download it on the App Store at the following link:

These principles were put into practice as a pilot in Michigan this summer that was trusted by 8 companies and hundreds of users. So yeah, I realize I am a little slow to get to this blog thing =] But I wanted to share this with the Adventurate community so you can see the vision of this company as Adventurate expands to more locations. To Adventurate’s users, businesses, and general supporters, as cool as this is now, this movement is just getting started.

Happy Travels,


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