How This Mom Keeps Her Busy Day On Track: Tips for Entrepreneurs, Ladybosses and Busy Working Parents Alike!

Routine. Schedule. Daily System.

Have you barfed yet? Or do these words make you feel as if you’ve been snuggled in a warm, soothing blanket?

If you’re the former… you’re more like me.

I fall a little bit more into the creative-side of the brain. Having a schedule used to bore me. I thought I was boring if I was on a schedule. Where’s the spontaneity? Where’s the adventure? How am I supposed to express myself fully if I’m totally stifled by schedules and plans?! Why don’t you understand me, oh plan-obsessed friends of mine?!

Yes, I was that person. But now I’m not.

Having a *flexible* schedule can actually be liberating creatively and can allow you more freedom. And… it’s kind of essential if you’re a work from home mom, like I am.

Let me explain to you what I mean here, because I can feel you rolling your eyes.

Before I had my son, I resisted setting a schedule in all ways possible. It’s likely because I’m a freer soul that likes to explore, and as I’ve grown, I’ve learned the greatest gift we can give anyone is the ability to express themselves fully.

I still feel a little bit schedule-resistant sometimes. I still want the flexibility to work where I want to work, because I desire constant inspiration. (Bali, anyone? Or check out our recent travels to Italy!)

I also have always known I would be a mom. (I now have an 18 month old adorable little boy) AND a thriving online coaching business. It’s what I’m good at, and I enjoy both things deeply — motherhood and having a fulfilling career where I can impact the world in two wonderful ways.

I want to live life on my terms — traveling, going for walks in the mornings, hiking in the mountains on a Tuesday, taking my son to mom and tot classes, visiting my family and friends in Chicago whenever I feel like it for as long as I want…

I want all of that, AND my own successful business where I can change the world person by person.

And I have ALL of those things. Isn’t that freaking amazing?!

(You can, too, so don’t even start those self-defeating thoughts.)

The thing is… once you have a baby and start running your own business, it’s pretty essential to implement a *flexible* schedule… which I learned the hard way through trial and error. Why do you need the schedule?

  • Consistency and Persistence lead to business success. (Anyone who’s worked in marketing and sales knows this is a cornerstone.) It’s hard to have consistency without a schedule, lady bosses.
  • When you implement a schedule that serves your personal life as the priority (NOT work) you’re better taken care of, you’re better able to serve your clients, more available to listen to your intuition, less available to overwhelm, you make the best decisions possible and do what you love with whom you love when you want to do it… because it comes first.
  • You don’t waste time on the business activities that don’t matter to you, because you only schedule in the activities that are income-generating for your business
  • You end up less “busy”, the bad kind of busy that sucks your time and energy and leaves you feeling drained and all “what did I even get done today!?” Doesn’t that feeling just suck?
  • You end up fuller, more expansive in time and energy instead of depleted, overwhelmed and stressed.

There is a saying in our industry that I have whole-heartedly adopted:

If you’re too busy, working yourself to death, not having the freedom and adventure you desire in your life… then you’re running your business wrong. Ouch. I know. I have BEEN THERE and I too got the loving smackdown from my own coach a while back.

Being that busy means you’re likely spending a lot of time and energy on the wrong tasks, and it’s essential to spend time only on what activities generate income or increase happiness and expand your energy. (I know this income-generating part seems difficult to figure out in the beginning, but it really isn’t super difficult, and it’s one of those things I help my clients with.)

The Ban Burnout Fix?

Create a SCHEDULE for yourself and your family, and things may start to look up. It will take some tweaking, but you can get there, ladies!

This will help you get all of the steps in place to create that schedule and everything else you need in your business (Your WHY, your Vision, your essential Systems, Delegation, Self Care, your Tribe, etc). Download my FREE Guide: The Freedom Formula to Stop Struggling and Start Thriving in life and business. There’s an excellent exercise (plus more!) to help you really maximize your time and energy so you can live with more adventure and freedom… and less overwhelm and stress.

Here are my personal top 3 tips for creating your boss lady, successful entrepreneur/ mompreneur schedule:

  1. Schedule in what you LOVE doing first, your personal life non-negotiables (family, friends, self care, wellness, leisure) and WHEN you’ll be doing it. In pen. It’s non-negotiable. Morning walk? You bet. Time for happy hour on Thursday? Absolutely. Barre? F*ck Yeah! Get it? Okay, your turn. What is non-negotiable makes your heart happy I want to do this all of the time in your life?
  2. Look at the time you have left over. That is the time that you can use for your business. Leave 5 hours in your business for your creative time. Schedule your other essential, income-generating business activities in then. Nothing else.
  3. Once you’ve scheduled in both, if you feel overwhelmed — pick the top 5 things you dislike the most out of those activities, and REMOVE THEM. No questions asked. No judgements made. You do NOT need permission to use your time and energy efficiently. Just do it. Liberate yourself! Your turn. Go. Don’t feel bad. There are NO judgements here.

BONUS TIP: is there a LOT that you don’t like doing or aren’t good at falling into your schedule? It may be time to delegate and automate even more! Stay tuned for my next blog post where I’ll talk more about that.

(Plus, you’ll get more updates and awesome tips from me when you sign up for my email list. I don’t spam b/c, I hate spam and believe we should, obviously, maximize our time and energy by only reading emails that bring some awesome-sauce into our lives.)

So… how are you feeling after that? That was the short and sweet version of how I like to manage my time and how I finally created a great schedule that works for us.

Now you have your schedule. You have your opportunity to be consistent and persistent. You have your opportunity to bring your best self to the table because you’re well taken care of.

Share your schedule wins in the comments below!

P.S. Don’t forget to download the FREE Guide: The Freedom Formula to Stop Struggling and Start Thriving in life and business. It will greatly help you out!


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