On my last day in Munich I decided I would go to the Hofbrauhaus for lunch. As I approached I decided that I was a fool to think that I could just go to lunch at the famous Hofbrauhaus on a Saturday during Oktoberfest. There was a huge crowd gathered outside. I didn’t really understand the layout and so I just followed a jolly group of Germans who looked like they knew what they were doing. I followed them up three flights of stairs to an enormous room full of long tables and people with a traditional Bavarian band on a stage at the end of the hall. I wandered a little aimlessly at first and then a waiter sat me at my own table near one wall.

People were prosting each other and breaking into song every five minutes. They would chant and the band would start playing. I had fantastic service up here and a delicious meal of grilled sausages and sauerkraut while watching what I had thought Oktoberfest would have been like and wasn’t. It was a wonderfully happy party of people. I stayed in the Festival hall for hours enjoying the camaraderie of happy strangers and dogs. I would definitely go back.

Leaving the Hofbrauhaus I decided to give Oktoberfest another chance. I walked through one last time and people watched a bit. This time it was much more crowded than when I had gone the first time. This time the tents were most definitely full, but I believe you could get in if you waited patiently, just like you would at a busy restaurant on a Saturday night. I think that Oktoberfest would be a lot of fun to go to with a group of friends, but it’s not really for the lone traveller.

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